Giveaways & Winners

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Past Giveaways & Winners: 
Purex Oxi Laundry Detergent (Canada only, ends October 25th) 
Sears Family Portrait session and Greeting Cards! (Canada only, no Quebec, ends October 20) - winner: Lori
Stork Craft Nursery set from Sears The Baby's Room (ARV $800) (Canada only, ends Sept. 15)
International Delight Iced Coffee (Canada only, ended June 18) - winner: Belinda M.

Milk Unleashed (Canada only, ended December 7th) - winner: Michelle B.
Bambino Mio Miosolo Cloth Diaper (ended August 8, Canada only) - winner: Summer P.
Sibu Beauty - Clarifying Toner, Purifying Mask and Exfoliating Scrub (ended June 26, Canada & US) - winner: Lisa S
Fairhaven Health - Nursing Time Tea (ended June 6, Canada & US) - winner: Inez
Tropical Traditions - Virgin Coconut Oil (ended June 11 - Canada & US) - winner: Richelle
Finish Quantum - 2 boxes of Finish Quantum dishwasher tabs (ended May 28th, Canada only) - winner: Heidi
Fairhaven Health - DreamBelly Butter review and giveaway! (ended 5/8) - winners: Dana, Athena, Leanne M, Leann L, and Jessica
Tints of Nature Hair Colour (ended 3/29)  - winner: Rebby $50 Gift Certificate! (ended 3/11) - winner: Angie

Sozo - review & nap sak giveaway! (ended 12/14) - winner: tinatchick
Bright Starts - Having a Ball! Get Rollin' Activity Table review & Swirl and Roll Truck giveaway!  (ended 12/14) - winner: Kate
Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent (ended 11/8) - winner: Paula Lee
Zippy Doo Diapers - $10 gift certificate! (ended October 20th) - winner: Laura
Fairhaven Health Nursing Postnatal Breastfeeding Multivitamin (ended September 29th) - winner: Whitney
Milk NursingWear - $30 gift certificate (ended August 31st) - winner: Susan E.
iQ - non-toxic, eco-friendly household cleaners (ended August 19th) - winner: Londia
Life Choices - healthy family friendly food prize pack! (Canada only) - winner: Anne-Marie
Tropical Traditions organic natural soap bars (ended June 27th) - winner: Diane
Playtex® infant products - Infant Lil’ Gripper cup, First Sipster® Trainer Cup, Drop-Ins Original Nurser, Ortho-Pro® pacifier, Ortho-Pro® pacifier with sterilizing cover, Binky® Silicone pacifier (ended June 1st) - winner: Robyn
Healthy Options of Days Gone By (ended May 17th)- Momma and Baby gift basket (loads of lovely natural products!) - winner: Jen M
ComfyRumps cloth diaper (ended April 22nd) - winner: Jennifer
Gypsy Jewels $20 gift certificate! Jewelry and mama products! (ended April 7th) - winner: Leigh
Fairhaven Health - Nipple Nurture Balm, Nursing Blend Breastfeeding Supplement, Nursing Time Tea (ended March 17th) - winner: CanadianMama
Daddy Scrubs (ended March 7th) - winner: Crafty
Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry Detergent (ended February 7th) - winner: Claudia 
Hi-Tec Snowdonia Boots (ended January 26th) - winner: Stacy
Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Flakes (ended January 6th) - winner: Jennifer

You! Lingerie nursing bra and panty set (ended December 16th)  - winners: Amanda & Luvin My Lil Monkeys
Tropical Traditions Organic Thick-Rolled Whole Grain Oats (ended December 6th) - winner: Talex
My Bump Maternity $25 gift certificate (ended November 7th) - winner: Jennifer L.
Fairhaven Health Dream Belly Stretch Mark Cream (ended November 1st) - winner: Karla
Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach (ended October 20th) - winner: Tara
Fairhaven Health Natural Pregnancy Deodorant (ended October 6th) - winner: Tirza
Intelligender Gender Prediction Test and Intelliceuticals Clear Away Cradle Cream (ended September 15th) - winner: The Suburban Princess
BumbleWee Nursing Top (ended September 13th) - winner: Rebecca
Tropical Traditions Natural Household Cleaner (ended September 8th)  - winner: Renee
Sibu Beauty Beauty and Wellness Package AND Anti-Aging Package (ended Aug 26)  - winners: A. Smith (package #1) and Just Coupons (package #2)
Pitbull Athletic Clothing $50 gift certificate (ended August 20) - winner: Amanda
Corioliss Classic Pro 1" Hair Iron from Misikko (ended July 10) - winner: Jenn
Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Canadian Honey (ended June 30) - winner: Hannah
EcoMom $20 gift certificate (ends June 24)- winner: Jamaise
Supplement Source $50 & $25 gift certificate (ended June 12) - winners: Jennifer ($50) & Suzi ($25) (ends 5/23) - winner: Casey Aubut
Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Peanut Butter (ended 5/10) - winner: Pam
EcoMom (ended 5/5) - winner: Capital Mom
ABC Neckties (ended 04/10) - winner: Jennifer
Eden Fantasys (ends 04/05) - winner: Huguette E.
Coconut Oil (ended 04/01) - winner: YogaMama
FertilAid for Women from BestBabyOrganics (ended 03/26) - winner: Holly
$50 (ended 03/12) - winner: Megan R.
FertilAid for Women from Fairhaven Health (ended 03/09) - winner: USCGWifey
Vinyl Butterfly Decal (ended 02/23) - winners: Josie and Robyn
Glade Romance pack (ended 02/04) - winner: silverneon
SkinMD lotion (ended 01/28) - winner: Ninel
Prego Planner (ended 01/19) - winner: *Mirage*

Chocolatey Chai Tea (ended 12/15) - winner: Pam
Spice Up Your Life (ended 10/27)- winner: Eve
Skin Free $30 GC (ended 10/19)- winner: Evil Angel
CycleBeads (ended 8/21)- winner: Sherrie
Affordable Baby Organics (ended 7/26) - winner: Morgan
Snugs Boutique (ended 05/29) - winner: Nicole D.