Saturday, May 30, 2009

Snugs Boutique winner!

Congratulations to Nicole D., the winner of my Snugs Boutique giveaway! Nicole had lucky comment #43 and wins the item of her choice (up to $15)! I'll be emailing her shortly. If she doesn't get back to me by May 31 midnight EST, I'll draw (and contact) another winner.

A big thank you to Snugs Boutique for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. I'm sure Nicole will be happy with whatever she chooses. For the rest of us, Snugs Boutique offers great prices in Canadian dollars on cloth diapers (even bamboo!), diaper covers, baby leg warmers, mama pads, nursing pads, belly bands, ring slings and even snaps and snap presses for the DIY mom!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ugh, cutworms!

Cutworms are decimating my gardens! They have taken out several plants already. They are simply everywhere in our neighbourhood, when it rains the streets are covered in the little nasties. Any tips on how to get rid of them, or at least keep them from killing all my new plants?

The birds have been having a crazy feast on them but when I look, I can count about 20 in every square foot of lawn and garden! Ughhhhhh...! We need help!

Edit: for some cutworm solutions that worked for me, see my post here!

Here are some more giveaways from out in blog land...

For baby:
  • Win Bon Bon Cupcakes at 4 Baby and Mom. These are cute little ruffle leggings for the little girl in your life. Ends June 5th.
  • Another chance to win Bon Bon Cupcakes at Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy, this one ends June 10th.
  • Win Boogie Wipes at Your Mama Reviews. Great for little runny noses. Ends June 5th.
For the ladies:
  • Win your choice of Scrunchbump maternity tops at Simple Finds! These look so nice, I love the capped sleeve top. Ends June 4th.
  • Win a Hip-T at A Couch With A View! Ends on the 31st of May.
For anyone:
  • Win a $50 gift certificate to Bamboosa (bamboo clothing etc. for babies, men and women) at Sandier Pastures! Ends June 5th.
  • Win some pretty hand-dyed yarn by Anzula at Lemon Drop Studios. Ends June 4th.
  • Win a $15 gift certificate to Modern Classics at Monkeys on the Bed. Choose from stationery, some adorable prints for the wall, bag tags, thank you notes... lots of goodies! Ends June 3rd.
For the home:
  • Win a Windex All In One outdoor glass cleaning tool at Barefoot Mommy. Anything that makes cleaning windows easier is fine with me! Ends June 5th and there will be five winners!
  • You can also win the Windex All in One at Tara's View of the World - this one is for Canada only! Ends June 3rd.
  • Win a $100 Home Depot gift card at Today's Green Construction! (Here's the direct link to the giveaway) Amazing. I know what I'd buy - diatomaceous earth, plants and seeds to replace the ones we lost to the evil cutworms, and I'd make a start on supplies to build our pergola this summer. Ends June 20th.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beauty sleep...

My husband's the greatest. But WHY does he have to be so loud in the morning... Just because he has to be at work at 7:30 doesn't mean I want to wake up at 6am for his three snoozes and daily preparations :S It's grumpy-making. I guess I'll forgive him though. He did give me cuddles this morning despite being grumpy, sleepy and probably having some nasty morning breath!

So there are like, a million giveaways lately - I'm not sure if this is a giveaway explosion in the blogoverse, or if I'm just more in tune with what's going on out there. By the way, if you haven't yet, please do enter my very own giveaway for Snugs Boutique - it ends tomorrow night. Seriously, you will be happy with anything you choose from Snugs Boutique. And even if you don't win do check out their site - the prices (in Canadian dollars) are incredibly reasonable.

So here are some of the giveaways I have come across lately. Wishing you the best of luck!

For baby:
  • Win a package of Huggies Pure & Natural diapers (newborn, size 1 or size 2) at My Charmed Life. Ends June 3rd and it is open worldwide.
  • Win a Bebe Belay clip at My Organized Chaos. Ends June 6th.
  • Win a Rocky Mountain (cloth) Diaper in Moovin' Lemon at Diaper Style! Ends June 5th.
  • Win an Applecheeks Mini Test cover and three inserts (more cloth diapery goodness) at The Mom Buzz! Ends June 2nd.
  • Win a Breezy Babies flexible fitted cloth diaper in size 2 (12-25 lbs) or a set of organic bamboo/cotton wash mitts and goat milk soap at The Power of Me! Ends May 31st.
  • Win a 3-pack of 3monkeys cloth diapers (!!) at MonkeyToes Reviews & Giveaways! Ends June 10th.
  • Win a pair of See Kai Run shoes at Mommy Goggles. Ends June 11th.
  • Win a pair of See Kai Run shoes at Mommy Mandy, too! Ends June 9th.
  • Win a Sweet Pea (cloth) diaper at Glimpse! Ends June 4th.
For the ladies:
For anyone:
If you have some time on your hands check out the enormous giveaway event at Sew Mama Sew. All giveaways end May 31st. Thanks to Capital Mom for the heads up!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flat tire?! :S

Ugh. We have a slow leak in one of our back tires, only it's quickly becoming a fast leak! I just took a look and the tire is so low. I know we have some pump thing in the car but I'm not entirely sure how to use it. Boooo. So I guess I'm walking - in the pouring rain - to my chiropractor's appointment later.

On the plus side we have a very exciting appointment later this evening (when my DH will be home and can fix the darn tire!).

Okay pity party over, here are some giveaways for today!

For baby:
  • Win a Skyoozmee burp cloth at Thrifty Minnesota Mama. Ends June 9th. I have issues with the 'creative' spelling but it does look like a smart product.
  • Win Bummas reuseable baby wipes at The Last Blog on Earth! Ends May 30th.
  • Win two glass bottles with silicone sleeves by Lifefactory at {Natural} Mommie! There will be two winners (one Canadian and one American)! Ends June 5th.
  • Win a pair of Smaller or See Kai Run shoes at Pour Some Sugar On Me! Ends June 7th.
For the ladies:
A heads up for expecting or nursing mothers from Health Canada! Don't take Maxum Matragen or Maxum Multi-Vite by Seroyal International Inc. - they are missing the warning on their labels. Read more about it at the Health Canada website. If you are taking these supplements please talk to your health practitioner!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why so early?!

Okay, today's wake-up time was 5am. 5am?! What the... I'm the girl who can happily sleep until 8:30, 9:00. Now I'm waking up wide eyed and unable to fall back asleep at 5:00? Huh?
Yesterday I needed a mid-morning nap and I'm sure I will today, too. I don't get it. Well actually I am stressing a little over work, maybe that's why. But getting 5 hours of sleep is not going to help me be productive! Grr.

Anyway... some giveaways from your insomniac friend for today...

For baby:
For grown-ups:
Don't forget to enter my Snugs Boutique giveaway if you haven't already!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Good morning!

I got up at 6am. Why? No idea. It's crazy. I'll need naps today - I'm teaching tonight until 10pm. On the plus side, getting up early, I made some muffins in time for the DH to have hot muffins for breakfast before work, and finished that baby quilt I've been working on (yay!). I think it turned out well! I might just start another one, it's pretty fun to do. And now I'm not sure whether to give it to one of my six pregnant friends, or sell it in my Etsy shop. Hmm.

I want to say hi to my new followers! (And to my previous followers as well!) I hope you find my blog is one you'll come back to. I post lots of links to giveaways each day (well usually 5 days out of 7) and while all of them are Canada-friendly, the vast majority are also US-friendly. You may have to skim a couple paragraphs of my blather each day to get to it, but the giveaways list is always there. Usually I continue to add to it as the day goes on so if you're into the giveaways, it might be worth checking back or scrolling through yesterday's post. I hope you will find something that interests you!
Here are some giveaways I've found today...

For the ladies:
For baby:
Ai. sorry, that might be all I can manage for today. I was feeling sick so I lay down for a bit and slept for 2 hours! I have a lot to do today (like work for instance) so I think I'm out for today. But I do have more to share and will be back for sure tomorrow!!