I've been putting this off for a while. It's more of an American requirement to have disclosure policies posted, but we Canadians like to play on the nice side, so here's my disclosure:

Sometimes I accept payment for sharing information, and sometimes I receive free products in hopes of a positive review. I always mention at the bottom of each relevant post if this is the case. Payment or free products are nice, but they don't mean a guaranteed positive review. I'll either tell you, my readers, if I don't like it, or I'll provide feedback to the company in question and refrain from writing a promotional review.

What I'm writing on this blog consists of my own opinions and honest reviews and comments. If I share promotional copy (which I don't do very often, and only in the greater context of my own writing), I do not make any claims to its veracity.

I have no interest in selling or providing anyone's personal information to anyone. So enter contests or leave comments, bearing in mind this is a public forum, but rest assured that your name is not going in any database at my end (I make no guarantees for Google, or any data miners that are out there).

I also have a few paid ads and affiliate banners on my page. These are identified as such. I'm appreciative if you use them to visit these sites, as they're helping me out (in a very, very small way - this is no big money maker for me by any means).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you like it.

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