Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winner - Misikko Corioliss Classic Flat Iron! AND some scary strawberry news.

And we have a winner for the flat iron!
A big congratulations to Jenn, and a hint to my readers to check out her blog, Beautiful Calling - she has a giveaway on now and looks like some awesome ones coming up!

Hope you had fun with this one - stick around, I've got good stuff coming up. I know I've been a little off radar for the last little bit, but I'm coming back around. A lot of stuff's been happening around here and it's a whole new ball game taking care of a house and a dog without my husband around.

OH, and I recommend reading this article about strawberries - scary stuff. I'm all about buying local when I can, but those lovely strawberries from California are so enticing in the middle of a Canadian winter. I know now I'll be looking for the organic label or passing them by. If strawberries equal miscarriages, thyroid disease, neurotoxins and cancer, no thanks.

This summer we got a number of strawberries from our 18 organic plants (they're currently flowering towards a second crop - love everbearing!). I had intended to buy some at the local farm, but they were going for $25 a flat! Pricey! Usually we will buy a ton, wash and top them then freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, and bag them once frozen. Frozen strawberries are pretty and delicious instead of ice cubes in summer drinks, perfect in smoothies, or thawed over ice cream.