Friday, July 20, 2012

Bambino MioSolo Cloth Diaper Review!

I was honoured to be chosen to review the Bambino Mio MioSolo cloth diaper with Mia from Childish Notions!

Childish Notions is an importer of unique and brilliant baby products - products with innovative and thoughtful design that these two moms have discovered in other countries and brought to Canada! I've been browsing their site and can see a number of products that look like they'd make parenting so much easier. One that just caught my eye is the KiddyLoo - a combination step-stool/potty seat for the toilet that I can totally see making toilet training easier. (I'll be embarking on that adventure soonish with Mia...!).

The MioSolo is a one-size all-in-one diaper, new in Canada from the UK. There are different kinds of AIO, and this one has an attached insert and a pocket (as opposed to the type where the absorbent core is sewn right into the diaper). I prefer this type, as it dries faster both in a dryer if you choose to go that route, or on the line.

The Bambino Mio Miosolo in Flying Saucer.
With insert in. Super soft lining!
The MioSolo has features that set it apart from your typical AIO diaper and make it a much better choice, in my opinion.

Let's begin with the regular features:
  • The PUL cover is brightly coloured and ours has not faded at all over a bunch of washes. Perhaps it will fade over time, but so far, so good.
  • The microfleece liner is so, super soft. No pilling to date, and it remains soft when hung to dry.
  • The insert is also soft and stays soft when hung to dry. I hate when inserts get crunchy on the line, so I appreciate this! The insert is very absorbent for my heavy wetter. 
  • No leaks to date! 
  • The cross-over velcro tabs are pretty much standard good quality velcro. Mia has recently discovered how to undo velcro, so for us this is definitely a diaper for under clothing, not to be worn on its own beneath a dress or on a hot day! 
  • The laundry tabs have not failed in the wash. 
  • It has snaps for different rises. My toddler at 17 months is on the biggest rise setting, but this would also fit a much smaller baby. 
  • As for fit, on my little one who is about 25 lbs with a smallish waist and ridiculously chubby thighs, it fits well. 
It looks super tight, but it's not - she's just chubby. No red welts and no leaks either!
 Now, what makes it special?
  • The insert has loops to tug it out before washing. I have to be honest, I usually just let inserts come out in the wash on their own. I don't like touching wet inserts (and definitely not soiled ones), and most of the time they will self-unstuff in the wash. But with the loops it's simple to tug it out without getting icky fingers.
Easy unstuffing loops!
  • The insert also has a handy pocket at the end that makes stuffing it back in easier. I really like this feature! 
  • See the pocket at the end? The loops can be seen here, too. Mia added her toes to the picture :)

  • It is a remarkably trim diaper
Look how trim! Hardly any bubble bum at all.

And, it goes with her favourite shirt... the one with the DAWWWW! on it!
Overall, this is a good one - if I were starting out with cloth diapers, the MioSolo would absolutely be a brand I'd choose for my stash. It will fit long-term, has great unique features, and is a quality diaper.

Disclosure: I received a Bambino MioSolo diaper to review, but was not obligated to write a positive review or paid for this post. I honestly like it! Thanks, Childish Notions!