Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random thoughts about the belly, apples, & the nursery.

Oh, the belly! I love it. Baby is kicking often now - my husband got to feel her the last time he was home. Some days it seems like it's all day long.

This is at 21 weeks (last Saturday). Still not huge, I guess, but sometimes I feel huge already! Things are getting harder, like putting socks on, sleeping comfortably, getting up from lying down, and getting my pants to stay up (!). I have one of those Bella Bands, which helps, but the maternity jeans just don't want to stay put, and neither do leggings. I'm the wrong shape for pants now that I have no waist! I saw a really hideous pair of maternity overalls at the mall the other day... ha! No, I won't be that mama! I can't really imagine much that is less flattering than giant overalls with a giant belly underneath. (Sorry if I have any overall-wearing readers. It's just not that attractive to me.) But hey, at least they'd stay up...

I splurged on a couple of maternity bras, but I find they're not that comfortable. Not only that, they aren't even pretty, so I'm not suffering for fashion's sake. Now I wish I had gone somewhere other than the only maternity store within a 40-minute drive to get properly fitted. The employees at Thyme probably felt like they were being helpful, but convincing me that the band was really not too tight and the bra would stretch ended up being a bad move. I was right all along, it's too tight and it's not stretching out. I'm on the last hooks and I don't want to have to buy a bra extender when I just dumped $60 on new bras. And now I am bitter about it, and mad at myself for backing down about the sizing. Sigh.

So with all these wardrobe malfunctions - I definitely am not in the mood to go buy a bunch more maternity clothes. I've borrowed a few pieces from friends - but I might have to pick up another pair of pants just so I'm not wearing the same jeans every day. Luckily for me, working at home means that I don't have to dress up (ever), so jeans and my Moody Mamas lounge pants are pretty much my standard now. I have a few tops that I like (I wear that one from Bumblewee all the time, and a couple of Boob tops that are great).

I bought a bushel of apples on the weekend at the market. A bushel looks small in the open air, but that is a LOT of apples. I've made applesauce, two apple crisps, apple cookies, apple muffins, and have a plan for apple bread tomorrow in the bread machine. There are still more apples. I've been eating them, too... I may just bake the rest into batches of muffins and stash them in the freezer.

We set up the crib on the weekend - now the nursery has an empty crib (no mattress yet) and an empty dresser. It's pretty barren in there. We're looking for a bookcase (something like the Cameron ones from Pottery Barn would be ideal, if we could only find them for 1/3 the price), and a glider yet. It seems like there is a lot of time to do these things, but when I think about it, there isn't... With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, and my husband only being home every other weekend, we don't have too many days that we can go hunting together for baby stuff.

Otherwise things are pretty quiet.

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