Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting out with the baby

We are back from our trip - more on that later (I'm trying to get a quick post in while Mia sleeps!). 

I'm trying to get out more - for my own sanity and for Mia to see some new things and meet some new friends. We already go to Mum and Me Aquafit, a Baby Goose program at the library, and a Mother Goose program run by a community group. Her dad takes her to Parent and Tot swimming as well.

Yesterday we went to one of the Baby and You cooking classes put on at the Real Canadian Superstore and sponsored by Huggies. (As you know, we cloth diaper, but we do use Huggies when we are travelling - did you know you can buy them in Spain?). It was a free, drop in class where we made two recipes, had coffee and tea, and some fun with other mums and their babies.

The recipes were for quinoa pancakes (delicious - though the recipe called for too much milk! oops! and too much baking soda, in my opinion - they had a salty flavour), and for a sweet potato bake that was also yummy. Mia loved them both and we had fun trying to do one-handed mixing and egg-cracking with the other mums - with a baby in one arm, you really only do have one hand to cook sometimes!

Huggies provided cute tiger ear headbands for all the babies, and Tigger stuffed toys for some. They held a draw at the one we went to for the Tiggers, since there weren't enough for everyone. We also took home a couple of the new slip-on diapers to try out. I'm not convinced it's a good idea... that could get really messy, in my opinion.

Anyway, it was a nice way to spend the morning and I recommend checking it out if you feel like getting out with your little one. There's a list of the locations here on their Facebook page.

I really love things we can do together that are free and fun. What do/did you do with your baby?

(this is not a sponsored post!)