Friday, April 8, 2011

Winner - Gypsy Jewels!

Time to draw a winner for the $20 gift certificate to Gypsy Jewels! Someone gets to treat herself with really lovely jewelry or something to make breastfeeding a little easier -

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Don't miss the new giveaway for a ComfyRumps diaper, folks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ComfyRumps Review and Giveaway!

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winner: Jennifer!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but we're using cloth diapers. It wasn't a unanimous decision around here, but I think my husband is a convert now that we've had a good chance to try them out. We started using cloth after the first week (just to get past that meconium and overwhelmed new parent stage), and have only used disposables when it's way more convenient (like when we spend the day far from home visiting family. I know, we could take cloth for that but toting them around seems a pain).

Mia in one of her ComfyRumps - still on the smallest setting, which has fit so far from 8-12lbs.
I've got a whole pile of different brands because I wasn't sure what would work best for the baby before she came. I have some of the 'big name' diapers, some WAHM diapers, and some from smaller companies. I ended up buying a dozen pocket diapers from ComfyRumps and they are our number one go-to diaper every day! No kidding, whether or not I had a review diaper from this company, they are the one brand that has been our favourite and here's why:
  • a great fit from 8lbs to 12, where she's at now - and still lots of room to grow Edit: Still fitting well with no leaks  and room to grow at 19 lbs!
  • no leaks. Not a single one.
  • they come in lots of colours, prints, and a fuzzy version with fuzzy prints too... cuteness!
  • great fit and the one size style means they will fit until she's out of diapers
  • the snap style prevents wing droop and allows for a lot of adjustments
  • the company is Canadian (although, the diapers are made in China)
  • the ridiculously affordable price!!!
Let me get back to that price for a second. The plain colours are $7.25 (!), printed are $7.50, plain fuzzy wuzzies are $7.75 and fuzzy wuzzy prints are $8.00 (all Canadian dollars). Compare to some of the big name brands at $30 a diaper! This was a big factor in me ordering so many without trying them out first and I'm very happy to say that it was a great purchase for me.

The outer is PUL (no cover required), and the inside is microfleece. It's very soft. It has lost a tiny bit of the softness after so many washes (as any microfleece will) but I only noticed that when I got the replacement diaper. The insert is a three-layer microfiber, and is very absorbent. One more thing I love about this system - you can hold a dirty diaper by the front and give a couple good shakes, the wet/dirty insert falls right out into the diaper pail. No touching required! Love.

ComfyRumps are in heavy rotation at our house and have been for 7 weeks now. They are in great condition still, with one exception. I had one diaper delaminate after 4 weeks' use. I am sure it was simply a faulty batch of fabric (it was the only one of that colour that I had, the other 11 diapers are still looking great), and when I contacted ComfyRumps to let them know, they sent out a replacement immediately. Great customer service.

Overall... if you're looking for an affordable, reliable, quality diaper from newborn and up, take a serious look at ComfyRumps. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Now for some great news... ComfyRumps has offered a fantastic diaper to one of my readers!!!

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