Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bellalulubaby Blanket at Mommy Goggles

Okay, number one I think the name Mommy Goggles is brilliant. Also brilliant is this chance to win a very, very, very nice baby blanket from Bellalulubaby! Check out the options, and enter by the 23rd for your chance to win!

Miracle Blanket giveaway at Mommies with Cents

I have a feeling this might be a real sanity-saver for new moms and dads. The Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket swaddles baby so they can sleep - without waking from random twitches - and feel safely snug. Apparently it helps with colic! What a great product. Of course I haven't tried it yet but doesn't it sound good? You can enter to win one over at Mommies with Cents! I couldn't find an end date for the giveaway, but I'd assume in March sometime.

Mod Mum baby sling at Grab Bag Reviews

Have I mentioned lately how awesome Baby Fever Week is at Grab Bag Reviews?!! This giveaway (one among many) is for a Mod Mum baby sling. These are so pretty and such a good way to not only bond with baby but keep your hands free for other mom business. I love the Riley (see pic) - it's reversible and the inside is a chocolate brown. Love!

Enter at Grab Bag Reviews to win your choice of slings by Mod Mum, the giveaway ends March 20th.

Like I was saying...

... I do love these Addison shoes from See Kai Run's Smaller line. And look, here's a giveaway for a pair of your choice from See Kai Run! Head on over to Really, Are You Serious? to enter! Seriously! Ends March 12 :)

Jack and Lily shoes at A Bookworm(Mom)'s Diary!

I am still in love with these little sailboat shoes from Jack and Lily.
There are so many great baby shoes out there. My top three faves (and maybe this is because of all the bloggy promotion lately, I don't know, I will admit it's an influence!) are these from Jack & Lily, the Shoo Shoos sand puppies and the Addisons from See Kai Run's Smaller line. Yes, I have done the research! lol. It's fun.
Anyway, you can enter to win a pair of Jack and Lily shoes over at A Bookworm(Mom)'s Diary! Ends March 9th!

Shoo Shoos at Blessings Abound

Oh, aren't these adorable? I love Shoo Shoos. You can enter to win a pair of your choosing over at Blessings Abound! This is the Sand Puppy style - they have loads of other styles to choose from as well. Remember soft soles are best for baby feet! Giveaway ends March 12th.

Diaper Caddy at Project Nursery!

Isn't this great? Perfect for travel or for keeping on one floor when the nursery with the full-out changing station is on another floor. This diaper caddy is from JJ Cole Collections, which also has a bunch of other great-looking baby stuff (check out the 'Bundle Me's!). You can enter to win one over at Project Nursery! Giveaway ends March 13.

Natural Mat and Grab Bag Reviews

I love the idea of starting baby off green with organics where possible. Natural Mat not only makes organic, comfy crib mattresses (three different varieties!), they also make organic crib bedding, and Grab Bag Reviews is giving us the chance to win an organic Natural Mat crib sheet! This is another great giveaway that is part of Baby Week Fever at GBR. The crib sheets are handmade in England and - so important for mommies - machine wash and dryable! Enter by the 20th for your chance to win.

JellyBaby mat at Grab Bag Reviews

When we were shopping for mattresses, I was swooning over the memory foam ones available. We ended up getting a pillow top instead (ugh, budget!), but I still love to 'test them out' when we're in furniture stores (shh, don't tell!)

Well, if you are like me and love that cushy feeling and think baby would love it too, the Kuster Jellybaby Changing Mat is just what you're looking for - a memory foam changing pad! And Grab Bag Reviews is giving one away in your choice of colour (pink, cream, or blue) as part of the fantastic Baby Fever Week. Enter by the 20th for your chance to win!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Noppies childrens wear giveaway at Life Starring Ellie and Eve

Win a sweet summer outfit for boy or girl from Noppies - a Dutch company that makes some really great baby and maternity wear! Life Starring Ellie and Eve is giving us the chance to win.

I found it hard to choose what I liked best in the baby outfits. I'm looking mainly for gender neutral stuff. But that said the clothes are so cute, I love the little skirt and leggings combos for girls and they have some sweet cargo pants for boys! Of course they have tops too. The maternity wear is great, I loved this one turquoise sheer cotton top, how pretty.

Dreambelly giveaway at Mommies with Cents

There's a lot of baby stuff out there but mama needs some care, too. DreamBelly stretch mark cream has loads of natural ingredients and helps prevent stretch marks on that growing belly.
Enter to win some at Mommies with Cents! Ends March 12th.

Wood's good!

I used to have a set of wood blocks as a baby. They were well-worn! I'm hoping we are able to keep the plastic to the bare minimum in our household which is hard with the billions of plastic toys and equipment out there. Not cool.

However, these are cool! A set of wooden blocks that put my much-loved baby blocks to shame. Aren't they pretty? They're by Design for Play and you can enter to win a set over at Mama Manifesto! The entry deadline is March 12th.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bug & Pickle!

How cute is that name for a baby company?! They have a great assortment of products for baby and mum, like belly creams and baby cleansers and lotions, and a few little fabricky things too like hooter hiders and blankets.

Grab Bag Reviews - as part of the awesome Baby Fever week - is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Bug & Pickle! Enter by the 19th for your chance to win.

Miracle Blanket giveaway at Growing up Mo'

Why do I get the song from Flashdance ('She's a Maniac, MAAAniac on the floor!') every time I think or hear about the Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket? Why? I can't figure it out.

Anyway, if you haven't heard of this miraculous product, here's the scoop. The Miracle Blanket is a swaddling blanket that is designed to keep baby feeling warm and safe. It prevents spasms and twitches of growing muscles that can wake baby up. It helps with colic. It's gotten great reviews all over the web. I want one - and if not for me then for one of my three girlfriends who are expecting.

Well Growing Up Mo' is hosting a giveaway to win one of these fantastic creations. Head on over quick, as it ends tomorrow, March 6.

Ecostore products - clean and green!

I keep hearing about Ecostore USA. They sell products that are environmentally friendly and also look amazing! I am craving the coconut soap (yes, I want to smell like a tropical drink! who wouldn't!). Besides soap, they also have cleaning supplies for body, baby and home and some paper goods like tissues and such.

MomStart has a giveaway on now to win a shampoo, conditioner and soap from Ecostore! Her review makes them sound so good. Enter by the 23rd for your chance to win!

Maya Wrap baby sling at Mommies with Cents

Isn't that pretty? This is the Organic Sling in Aqua Sea Glass from Maya Wrap.

Mommies with Cents is hosting a giveaway for a Maya Wrap! Some lucky mama will win one of the gorgeous ring slings of her choice.

And soon she will be hosting a giveaway for one from the Organic line (like the one in the picture) so I will be watching for that for sure!

Who's your Huddy Buddy?

Check out Huddy Buddy to see some very sweet and funny shirts and onesies! I love them all but my personal fave is the "I know I'm gorgeous" onesie. What a great message!
You can have a chance to win your choice of Huddy Buddy tee or onesie from Momma in Flip Flops! Head on over by the 11th of March to enter!

JellyBean Apparel at Life Starring Ellie & Eve

Pregnancy is beautiful. Not so gorgeous is that band of bare belly hanging out the bottom of the shirt! With these extra-long shirts from JellyBean Apparel, you won't have to worry about it. They have plenty of coverage and are trendy too. They even have cute shirts for dads! Life Starring Ellie & Eve is now hosting a giveaway for any shirt from JellyBean Apparel!

Baby humidifier at Grab Bag Reviews

Have you seen these super cute humidifiers by Crane? I like the frog one but there are other cuties like penguins, kittens, elephants and more! Grab Bag Reviews is giving a frog or elephant humidifier away as part of Baby Fever Week! Check it by the 18th of March!

Mamma Mio!

Not everything about pregnancy is sweetness and light (surprise! lol). Stretch marks can be a big frustration and disappointment for mamas-to-be. Mamma Mio makes a stretch mark cream that could help with that, and Grab Bag Reviews is giving one away for their Baby Fever Week!
Enter by the 19th of March for your chance to win a bottle!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kushies newborn pack at Grab Bag Reviews!

Grab Bag Reviews is having Baby Fever Week! Lots of baby giveaways (not giving away BABIES, silly) for us hopefuls, moms-to-be and moms. Check the button on the right!

Kushies has partnered with Grab Bag Reviews to bring another great giveaway. This time it's a prize perfect for newborns - a swaddling blanket, a sweet little toy, and a couple of bibs! Adorable. Kushies sells loads of baby stuff on their website as well. They have cute little baby pictures but in respect to their copyright pop-up, I won't post them here. You'll have to go there to see!

You can enter the contest here by March 18!

Munchkin bottles at This Full House Reviews!

Here's another chance to win one of these great Munchkin Mighty Grip glass bottles with a silicone sleeve. I know any mom or mom-to-be would want one! Enter at This Full House Reviews for your chance to win! Ends March 9th.

Supercute Dylbug baby onesies at Petit Elefant!

Petit Elefant is hosting a giveaway for some really cute onesies from Dylbug. There's a 'girl' or a 'boy' three-pack up for grabs. Each three-pack comes with three different sizes so there's room to grow! The onesies are really cute. Again I think these are pretty gender-neutral (the boy pack is cartoon farm animals and in the girl pack the farm animals are print silhouettes). The giveaway ends on March 8th so enter soon!

$25 goes a long way at Layers!

The Soothie Ranch is hosting a giveaway for a $25 shopping spree at Layers Clothing. And when I say 'spree' and '$25' in the same sentence, I'm not crazy - the prices are! They are having a mad sale where you can get this gorgeous Glenda hoodie for $13 (down from $36), or maybe this Portia dress (to left) which I love for $25 (down from $68)!

You want to win that, right? Right! So go on over to The Soothie Ranch by the 7th of March for your chance to win.

PJ's for your little peanut at DK Mommy

DKMommy once again has a great giveaway over at DKMommy Spot. This time it is for a pair of bamboo infant/toddler pajamas from What Every Baby Needs. I like these little frog ones, how cute is that? The site says they're for boys but really... when I was a little girl I was so interested in ponds and frogs were a big part of that. So I think they'd be sweet for either gender.
If you haven't tried bamboo clothing yet, go shopping! It is not only a sustainable and beautiful fibre, it is soft as the dickens and warm yet breathable. It's light enough for t-shirts but if you're one of those people like me who is cold all the time, you will love it. I have a bunch of bamboo socks and they're the best thing since toast.
Anyway, to enter to win some great bamboo pj's (there are other styles available besides the frogs), head on over to DKMommy Spot by the 11th of March!

Munchkin bottles at Mommies with Cents!

Everyone by now has heard about the hazardous chemicals in plastics, and any parent or parent-to-be has surely checked out their baby's bottles to make sure they are BPA-free. Here's a great alternative to plastics (we finally know about BPA - what else might be in there?), the old standby, glass bottles! Munchkin makes glass bottles with a difference. They are easy to hold, have oz markers, and have these great silicone sleeves that help prevent breakage and give them a non-slip grip!
Mommies with Cents is currently hosting a giveaway for one 8 oz bottle with sleeve. Enter by the 9th of March!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Win your favourite Xenotee at Olive Bites!

I have had the Japanese Star Moss shirt by Xenotee in my Etsy favourites for, like, ever. So I was thrilled when I came across this chance to win one on Olive Bites! Actually, it's not only the Japanese Star Moss tee that is up for grabs, it's the winner's favourite Xenotee - and there are some pretty cool designs to pick from. With a rating of 896 and 100% positive you know you can expect something awesome from Xenotees. Enter by March 9th for your chance!

Chime your way to morning from DKMommy Spot!

I do love DKMommy Spot for the great links to green products and her fantastic giveaways! DKMommy Spot is now hosting a giveaway for this beautiful Digital Zen Alarm Clock from Gaiam. Isn't it nice? It wakes you up gently with chimes, no more BZZ! BZZ! BZZ! at 6:00 in the freakin' morning! What I wouldn't give for a gentle alarm call. I knew Gaiam from yoga, but had no idea of the amount of other products they carry. You should definitely check out their site!

Enter to win it by the 10th of March. You can even enter daily, lots of entry options.

Birthwear from Binsi at Grab Bag Reviews

Binsi is the company that has solved the 'what not to wear' problem of labour and delivery. If you think wearing a nasty paper gown for many hours is pleasant, read no further. But if you think you'd like to be in comfy, stylish and accessible (for medical staff) clothes during birth, check out Binsi for some great looking birthing apparel.
Enter at Grab Bag Reviews to win an entire Binsi outfit! The giveaway ends on the 17th of March.

Win $20 at EcoStore USA from Katydid and Kid!

Have you heard of EcoStore USA yet? It's a site with green cleaning supplies, baby and pet supplies and other household items. You can feel good to do your cleaning knowing you're not adding to the chemical soup in our environment.
Katydid and Kid has a giveaway on now for a $20 gift certificate at EcoStore USA's online store. This will go far as their products are very reasonably priced. Enter by March 12!

bumGenius diaper at Barefoot Mommy!

Here's another chance to win a bumGenius Diaper - well, two actually, from Kelly's Closet! They are made to fit 8-35 pounds so one size should do for quite a while. I would love a chance to try these out and if you want a chance too, head over to Barefoot Mommy to enter by the 17th of March!

See Kai Run from Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy!

Here's another chance to win those cute, cute shoes from See Kai Run! Win a pair of your choice from the regular or Smaller line. In case you hadn't noticed I really want to win some. This time you can enter at Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy's blog. Ends March 9th so get your entry in!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Work Up on my website!

So... I'm a painter. Like, it's my job, dude. And I've just posted some new paintings on my website.

They're 'smalls', which I don't do too many of these days. But with the economy as it is, I've had some requests lately for smaller (ie less expensive) work. So if you're in the market for some small but entirely original oil paintings on canvas (no giclees or reproductions of any sort here, that's not really that cool), check out my website under the water, 2009 section!

This here's the Marsh Lake Study Mini - it's an eensy 4x6" oil painting on canvas board. I love the combination of early morning lavenders and pale golds. And it's priced at a very affordable $55 (Canadian)!

Easy Diaper Cake from Life Starring Ellie and Eve

As you may know, I have three friends who are expecting! Wowsers. What was up a few months ago is what I want to know! Anyway for those of us TTC or with friends expecting, a diaper cake makes a great shower or baby gift! You can enter to win one from Easy Diaper Cake Etsy Shop at Life Starring Ellie and Eve!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle at the Bookkitten

I keep hearing about this book and haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Hopefully I will get the chance if I win Bookkitten's giveaway! If you enter by March 7th, you could have the chance to win, too. If I don't win I'll join the looooong list of holds at the library! By the time I get the book that way, it will be last year's news :)

This giveaway is part of the Book Giveaway Carnival running March 2-8. If you love books like I do, go check it out!

Moda honeybuns at V and Co!

If you are interested in quilting at all you will have heard of Moda. V and Co. is hosting a sweet and swanky giveaway of some lovely Moda honeybuns! Winner will be chosen on the 5th of March so get on over there to enter!

It's a Miracle!

Have you heard of Miracle Blankets yet? They're swaddling blankets for babies that help them sleep. What a great idea. It must be so shocking to come from this close, warm womb into the world where there is so much space and your limbs move way more than before. How's a baby supposed to sleep with so much going on? The Miracle Blanket is a swaddler that wraps baby snugly so he or she can get some rest.

Me and My Boys is giving away a Miracle Blanket in yellow with aqua trim. Enter by March 15!

Bumkins Superbib at Nurse Mommy!

Here is a great looking and practical bib from Bumkins. It's machine washable, waterproof, and I love the available patterns! This one's called 'Retro' - perfect for your little Jetsons baby.

Nurse Mommy and Bumkins are giving away a Superbib to a lucky entrant! Enter by March 12 for your chance to win!

See Kai Run at Two of A Kind, Working on A Full House!

Phew, there have been so many awesome See Kai Run giveaways lately! Not that I've won any, but I'm still hoping. Here's another chance to win a pair from the regular or Smaller lines, from Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House. Enter by the 16th of March for your chance to win!

See Kai Run at Mama's Money Savers!

One more opportunity to win a pair of some of the hottest baby shoes going. See Kai Run and Mama's Money Savers have teamed up to give away a pair from the See Kai Run or Smaller lines! Seriously cute and durable, these shoes will last as long as they fit! Enter by the 16th of March for your chance to win!

Recaro Child Seat giveaway at Mama's Money Savers!

If you are looking for a safe and stylish car booster seat for your child, check out the Recaro Vivo and Vivo Lite. They have great safety features and also good looking colour options! Mama's Money Savers is giving one reader the opportunity to win a Vivo or Vivo Lite! Enter by March 14!

Recaro also offers seats for infants and toddlers. I think the Signo convertible is just great.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clean and green with Seventh Generation

If you haven't heard of Seventh Generation, they make eco-friendly cleaning products as well as personal care items, paper goods like napkins and tissues, also baby diapers and much more.

Katydid and Kid is hosting a giveaway for a whole set of fabulous green Seventh Generation products. Enter by the 12th of March for your chance to win!

See Kai Run at Parent Reviewers!

Another chance to win a pair of the stylin' See Kai Run or Smaller shoes over at Parent Reviewers! Enter by March 9th for your chance to win.

Maternity intimates CAN be sexy!

No, really! Check out this Elle MacPherson set called momaria! (Okay, it helps if you have a body like this model!) Life Starring Ellie and Eve is hosting a giveaway for three lucky mommas to win their choice of maternity intimates from Elle MacPherson.

This giveaway is part of the interactive March Maternity Jamboree at Life Starring Ellie and Eve. What's that? WELL! There is a giveaway each day in March which is amazing for us wannabe or soon-to-be moms.

Jack and Lily shoes at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy!

Here we go again! One more chance to win a pair of those adorable shoes from Jack and Lily. I do hope it's me this time but you can give it a try over at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy. Enter by March 14th!

Sweetest bunny at Little Love Blue

I've been a fan of Little Love Blue for quite a while. She designs and creates sweet handmade soft sculptures like bunnies, bears, cats, mushrooms, and lately, feathers, out of fabric. Her aesthetic sense is so pure and natural (check out her Etsy shop for some great examples of her work!).

I just think this sleepy bunny's so cute. I have three friends who are expecting and this would make such a unique and wonderful shower gift, if I were able to let it go.

To celebrate 100 sales on Etsy, Little Love Blue is giving away this adorable handmade bunny to one very lucky winner. Enter here for a chance to win!


I got news last night that I was the lucky winner of some fabulous Japanese Fabric Charms from Lovely Little Handmades! This was from a contest on Kerri's blog that ended yesterday. I am so excited to try out making a little quilt with these pretty fabrics! Aren't the patterns sweet? A big thank you to Kerri! Hopefully I can figure out how to make my first quilt on my beast of a 1960's Singer :)

Japanese Fabric at The Fabric Shopper!

Isn't this pretty? I love neutrals with little prints. The Fabric Shopper and Matatabi Japanese Fabric Shop are giving away this Kokka Apples and Cosmo My Travel Journey fabric to 6 lucky winners! Head on over to enter by March 7th!

Jack and Lily shoes at The Soothie Ranch!

Oh, they're so sweet. I keep seeing these Jack & Lily shoes on different blogs. I have checked out the collection and love, love, love them. I hope I win the giveaway over at The Soothie Ranch for a pair! You can enter too, by the 10th of March!

See Kai Run at Optimistic Beauty!

Ooh, more See Kai Run shoes to be given away over at Optimistic Beauty. They are so adorable, who wouldn't want a pair? I hope I win but if you want a chance too, enter by March 6th!

Stainless Baby/Child bowls at Amanda's blog!

Amanda and Parenting By Nature have teamed up to provide one winner with this cute stainless steel bowl set for tots. Enter by March 13th for your chance to win!