Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chocolates over at the Gourmet Foodie Blog!

Who doesn't love chocolate? The Gourmet Foodie is giving away 13 (!) boxes of truffles from Torn Ranch. Some are fruit ganache and some are wine truffles! Sound good? Head over there and enter! Ends February 28.

I Never Grew Up's Birthday Bash on now!

I just entered to win a Lovey Duds baby sling and a $50 gift certificate at Tiny Sprouts over at I Never Grew Up. There's also a $50 gift certificate to Natural Pod up for grabs, great t-shirts for kids from LuCoo, baby shoes (shoes! love shoes!) from See Kai Run, and WAY MORE!

You can enter, too, by the 28th of February! Check out the Birthday Bash for way more giveaways. You won't believe how many!

Bobux Baby shoes at Barefoot Mommy!

Aren't these cute? Slippers are a must up here in the cold winters of Canada. Bobux, based in New Zealand, makes some super cute baby slippers! And Barefoot Mommy is giving away a chance to win any pair you like! Head on over here to enter by the 7th of March!

New Native Carrier at Mom Giveaways!

I'm hoping to win this New Native Baby Carrier from Mom Giveaways, but here I am posting the link so you might win it instead! Head on over here to enter (by the 28th of February)!

See Kai Run at This Mom Can Shop!

I seriously have a thing for baby shoes. Is there anything cuter than a mini pair of shoes? This Mom can Shop is offering a pair of See Kai Run or Smaller shoes! Enter here by the 26th of February!

Jack and Lily shoes at The Mommy Diaries!

Ooh, another chance to win a pair of those sweet Jack and Lily shoes! Head on over to The Mommy Diaries to enter by February 22 (go quick!).

See Kai Run at Mommy in Pink!

Yes, another chance to win a pair of See Kai Run or Smaller shoes! I'm crushing on the Addisons from the Smaller line. Aren't they cute? Head on over to Mommy in Pink to enter by February 24th!

Does your Baby Rock?

A Couch with a View has a giveaway for a onesie or t-shirt from Baby Rocks for your rockin' little one. Go on over and enter! I like this one <--

Jack and Lily shoes at A Couch with a View!

I am in love with the sailboat and starfish shoes over at Jack and Lily. Super cute! If you want to win a pair of your favourite baby shoes, head on over to A Couch with a View and enter to win by February 27!

The Modern Baby Co. and Dexter's Mommy Giveaway!

Ooh, isn't this lovely? Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy is giving away this set from The Modern Baby Company.

You can enter, but honestly I hope it's me who wins! You have until March 2nd at noon to get over there!

Win The Body Shop's new Buriti Baby products at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls!

I have been using The Body Shop's products since my high school days (and we won't mention how long that is!). They have a new baby line and you know it's going to be good! Buriti Baby features some great green options for baby. I love the Bamboo Baby Brush, personally. And guess what? Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away a Buriti Baby set! Head on over there by February 24 to enter!

Win a Boon Flair chair at Berrie Sweet Picks!

If you're looking for a stylin' high chair, Boon's your go-to brand. They carry all sorts of things for baby, but the Flair chair is top of my wish list. And if you're lucky, you can win one over at Berrie Sweet Picks! I hope I am the lucky one, but maybe you will be! If you are, remember to spread that karma around! You have until March 3 to enter!

Fresh Baby at Nate and Jake and Me!

Oh, my. Another chance to win a So Easy Baby Food kit! Can you tell I want one? Head on over to Nate and Jake and Me for an entry! The giveaway ends on March 5 so you have a few days to get over there!

Fresh Baby and Go Graham Go!

I have been eyeing the So Easy Baby Food kit for a while. I was thrilled to have the chance to win one over at Go Graham Go! The idea of making our own baby food is so much more appealing than buying a thousand jars of baby food. Just think of the waste in shipping, packaging, recycling costs for all those jars. You can make your own with the So Fresh Baby Food kit, and you'll know exactly what's going into your baby's food. Doesn't that sound like a better idea?
Check out the giveaway here (ends Feb. 24), and see the Fresh Baby site for more great products!

Bib and Blanket Combo Giveaway at My Organized Chaos!

Cricket & Monkey (what a cute name!) has some really stylish goods for mom and baby. They've paired up with My Organized Chaos to give away a bib and blanket combo for baby! Check out the giveaway here, it ends on February 28th, and make sure to check out Cricket & Monkey for great baby stuff!

Bamboo for Baby

Jamie's Precious Peas is hosting a sweet giveaway for a bamboo baby feeding set from A Little Elegant. Check out the giveaway here!

Barefoot Mommies Giveaways!

Barefoot Mommies is a site for all the moms and moms-to-be out there. They are hosting some great giveaways now!
  • the Binsi giveaway is for a maternity/labour skirt that puts an end to those horrible hospital gowns. Designed by a doula, I know I would want to be wearing one of these for my delivery! The giveaway is here! Ends March 6!
  • The Miracle Blanket is a swaddling blanket that looks amazing. It has a great design and Barefoot Mommies is giving away a yellow and green one! Check out the giveaway here, and the Miracle Blanket website as well! Ends March 6!
  • Leave Me B has some really cute maternity tees! I'm thinking gifts for the three (!) friends of mine who are expecting! And maybe one for me! Barefoot Mommies has one to give away, check it out here! They don't just have tees, check out their store for way more!
  • You will have heard of See Kai Run if you have looked at baby shoes at all. They have super cute shoes for babies on up! Check out the giveaway the Barefoot Mommies are hosting here! Ends February 28!

dkMommySpot WonderBall system giveaway!

dkMommy Spot is always a great place to check out for earth-friendly, interesting products. The latest giveaway there (check back often, as there are frequent giveaways with great prizes!) is for a WonderBall system for the laundry, which includes two dryer balls and a washer ball! Say goodbye to your laundry detergent and fabric softener, and all the chemicals and cost that go with them. Check out the giveaway here, and check out the Wonder laundry system here!