About Me

I live in Canada with my husband, our dog, and our baby girl born February 12, 2011! I'm an artist by profession, with a B.A. in Fine Art, and a 'maker' for the love of it (cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, etc!). I've been vegetarian since 2001 and never looked back. I hit the gym regularly for yoga and other fitness classes with my husband. I'm a voracious reader too!

Important to me are kindness, empathy, generosity of spirit, and an eye for the big picture. The environment is at the forefront of my mind; in a world of oil spills, toxic chemical dumps, clear-cutting and extinction, it's hard to comprehend that not everyone cares. We can all make small changes with big cumulative effects - like cutting down (or out) meat consumption, using eco-friendly and chemical-free products, even simple things like turning off things we aren't using.

I also tend to go off on rants occasionally :)

Enjoy your stay, find something fun to link to, have a great day!