Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No, she's not here yet.

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday. My due date is Friday, and she said that 80% of first-time mums go about a week late. There’s nothing happening yet; I doubt she’ll come by Friday.

Next Monday, if nothing’s happened yet, she’ll do a membrane sweep to try to get things going (does that sound early to anyone else?) – and again Thursday and Sunday if necessary. By the 14th, they’ll start induction with a prostaglandin gel and then maybe pitocin (which would probably mean a February 15th baby).

I’m really hoping none of those things happen and labour will start naturally before Monday! It feels like not enough time... While I want her here, I really want this to happen without interference. Ugh.

I'm also feeling a LOT of outside pressure to have the baby. People keep asking me about it (some daily) - as if I wouldn't let my family and close friends know when things start happening! Even though it's not in my control - I'm doing what I can to get things going, including Evening Primrose Oil, Red Raspberry Leaf tea, sitting/bouncing on my yoga ball, keeping on my feet and walking as much as I can - I still feel like somehow I am failing or disappointing them by not going into spontaneous labour.

So – send labour vibes :) but don't ask me...