Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keds Green Label

I love when companies take a good idea and make it eco-friendly! Keds has come out with a Green Label shoe. Looks a lot like the Classic Keds that we all know and love, but they are organic cotton and recycled materials. Way to go! Enter to win a pair - your choice of colour and size - at the Alternative Consumer. Ends April 2nd.

Earth Hour

Don't forget Earth Hour is tonight! I had a dream last night that we were driving when it was Earth Hour and everyone turned out their car headlights, and the streetlights went out too. It was kind of scary. Let's not do that. But let's all make an effort to cut our power use at home tonight. Some fun things can happen in the dark in an hour!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I won a DaBib from A Psych Mommy! I'm excited! These bibs look like they're great. Shari and DaBib are kind enough to send it up here to Canada - I am looking forward to receiving it! I'll let you know my thoughts on it when it comes!

I do think this looks like a very cool bib; the soft collar keeps food off the neck, which is a good thing! And the colours and prints are pretty. Anyway, I've found a bunch of other DaBib giveaways:
Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls has one for a lucky winner, ends April 6th,
The Angel Forever is giving one away, ends April 5th,
Blessings Abound has one to give away, ends April 3rd,
and another one at My Trendy Tykes which ends March 31

Many chances! These are all open to Canada and US. good luck!

Heads Up: Baby Week - on now!

I'm slow on this one - it started March 23! But there is still time to enter the Baby Week Giveaways at Ohana Mama and Giftfully Simple (end dates in brackets):
Registry Bingo (3/30)
Love Bug Clothing (3/31)
The Peek (3/31)
Petit Bath products (4/1)
Spa Time Baby CozyCare Cape (4/1)
Sticky Buns baby clothes (4/2)
See Kai Run shoes (4/2)
Baby Fabulous personalized blanket (4/3)

Lots of great prizes!

More Baby Blanket Goodness

Project Nursery (one of my favourite sites for great nursery product and decorating ideas) is giving away a blanket from The Modern Baby Company. I love their fabric choices! Not your average cutesy stuff; these are really design-conscious. The giveaway ends April 3rd!

Diaper Bag Must Haves at Life with Ellie & Eve!

Okay, this is a big one. Life with Ellie & Eve is giving away a set of diaper bag Must Haves. This is still part of the March Maternity Jamboree. What are the Must Haves?
  • a Diaper Clutch from The Diaper Clutch
  • A changing pad fromTurtle Park Tots
  • a pouch baby carrier in blue from Earthslings
  • a Diaper Bag Buddy from Me4Kidz
  • a CD and DVD of Baby Hip Hop from It's Hip Hop Baby
  • Two containers of Dapple Dish Liquid and 2 packages of Toy Wipes from Dapple
  • Your choice from Elle MacPherson Maternity Intimate
  • a DaBib
Wow. There are lots of extra entry options so take your time!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

See Kai Run at the Hip Hippo!

Here's another chance to win some cute shoes from See Kai Run's regular or Smaller line! Enter over at the Hip Hippo by the 30th of March. I'm still crushing on the Addison shoes. Is there anything cuter than baby shoes? Really?

Excalibur Food Dehydrator from Barefoot Mommy!

Oh, so exciting. Barefoot Mommy is offering a chance to win a food dehydrator from Excalibur! Imagine making your own dried fruits and veggies (and jerky for you carnivores out there)! I would so love to win this. You know when fruit is in season it is so much cheaper. I already do preserves, but this would add a whole new element. Enter for your chance to win by April 9th! Good luck!

Pretty earrings from Beadiful Things

I'm not much of an earring wearer, but these are lovely enough to entice me. And the photography is beautiful, too!

Brushed Sterling Silver Flower Post Earrings at Beadiful Things.

Sounds for Silence... yay for sleeping babies!

The Soothie Ranch has introduced me to "Sounds for Silence" which is a cd designed with sounds that mimic the womb and settle '9 out of 10 babies in less than 60 seconds'! Wow. I think this sounds amazing! Worth every penny if you and baby can get some sleep! And if you are lucky, you can win the program from The Soothie Ranch. Enter by the 7th of April.

Dreamkids at My Mom's View

I know, you can't read it - the text reads "Anything but ordinary". Dreamkids offers some great messages on their tees and onesies for tots, like "There's a little hero in all of us" and my favourite, "All I have to be is me". And guess what? It's a Canadian company :)
You can enter to win a Dreamkids tee or onesie over at My Mom's View! Ends April 6th.

baby kaed Diaper Bag at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls!

Win this sweet diaper bag (a $138 value!) over at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. I like! baby kaed has some great styles for diaper bags, check them out. I like the Shanti in black faux leather. It looks a lot more like a purse than a diaper bag. Giveaway for the one at left ends April 1st!

Bamboo from Jockey

Hey! Jockey has come out with a line of bamboo and bamboo blend intimates. Okay, they're undies. (And camisoles!) I love bamboo because it is so soft, wears well, is machine wash (yay), is a sustainable fiber, and has anti-bacterial properties. All that in one fabric! You can enter to win a $50 code towards Jockey's new Naturals line at Mommy Goggles! Ends April 4th.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I enter a lot of contests. It's a hobby - a fun one. We don't have a lot of spare cash (I know, welcome to the club, right?) so I really enjoy thinking and dreaming about the prizes and how they will make my life easier or nicer, or how I can share them with others. Most of the time I don't win - and that's okay, I get a lot of joy from the fantasizing, and learn about a lot of products that I may not otherwise have come across. I even have ended up purchasing some products based on learning about them through giveaways and sponsored reviews.

I've been really lucky lately and I wanted to share some of my recent wins as a thank you to all the giveaway hosts and sponsors, and as inspiration for anyone who is out there entering contests and thinking they will never win! Here are some of my recent wins:

Baby stuff:
Me stuff:
The only thing I have received so far is the Clorox coupon (thank you Momma in Flip Flops2! That was super fast!) - because ALL of these things I have won since February 27th. Unreal! I am looking forward to getting some awesome mail soon!
Edit to add: I also have received the CozyCare Mat! It's amazing, great quality! Thank you Shannon and Spa Time Baby!

So if you have been entering contests and thinking you will never win... well, just keep at it. Everyone has a chance and hopefully some of my luck will rub off on you!

Baby blankets: Shi Shu and Dreamsacks

I've found two new giveaways to win baby blankets!

The first is from Mommies with Cents. You can win a DreamSacks 100% Bamboo Woven Baby Blanket in White. Gorgeous for a baby shower gift or for your own little one. Bamboo is one of my favourite fibers. It's soft, anti-bacterial and sustainable. Perfect! This one ends on the 31st of March; you can enter daily until then.

The second giveaway is from Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House, for a handwoven Shi Shu baby blanket. These look gorgeous and are a Bamboo/Cotton blend. Love! This one ends on the 13th of April.

I'm editing to add one more Shi Shu blanket giveaway at J. Leigh Designz! This one ends the 10th of April!

Ergobaby Organic carrier at {Natural} Mommie

Here's another great giveaway from {Natural} Mommie's Spring Giveaway Event! Win an organic baby carrier from Ergobaby! Their organic line has the same great quality and features you expect from Ergobaby, with the added benefit of knowing that the fabrics are certified organic. The one you can win is the one pictured at left - a pretty blue with flowers embroidered on it. Ends April 1st!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cricket and Monkey at Jamie's Precious Peas

Jamie's Precious Peas is giving away a Lovie and Bib combo by Cricket and Monkey! Enter by the 5th of April for your chance to win.
I've checked out Cricket and Monkey before and I'm thrilled to see that they have recently added some canvas diaper totes to their line. I like them way better than the vinyl ones and the fabrics are great, too!

Blush topless undershirts

Couple of giveaways for Blush Topless undershirts for you. These are like tube tops for your midriff (sort of) - meant to cover that gap between pants and shirt, or just to look like layered tops. I like the idea :)

The first is at Write Gal, it ends on the 7th of April.

The second is at Mommy Goggles, this one ends on the 28th of March!


Okay, I fall squarely on the side of tap water in the tap vs bottled debate. We're lucky to live in a place where water is plentiful and treatment means it's perfectly safe to drink out of the tap (unless you lived in Walkerton during the water crisis).

However, there are some interesting developments in the world of bottled water. One of my absolute to-die-for favourites is vitamin water in xxx (it's acai berry, pomegranate and blueberry flavoured and I LOVE it despite the hefty $1.99 price tag). That's not sponsored or anything, that's just love talking.

Here are some I haven't tried - and chances to win them:

Metromint water comes in six interesting varieties, including chocolate mint, which sounds promising. Of course I'm a certified chocoholic so I'm the target market there, I think. You can enter to win a case at Jamie's Precious Peas. This one ends April 5th.

You could also win a gift box of 6 bottles of Ayala’s Herbal Water (one of each interesting flavour - for example, lemongrass mint vanilla!), an organic cotton tote bag, and a t-shirt which are all going to one lucky reader of Your Mama Reviews. I like the organic cotton tote bag idea, that's a start, wish the bottles weren't so plastic and bottly. At any rate it sounds interesting too! Giveaway ends March 30.

Pampers at Classy Mommy

Classy Mommy has a coupon for a FREE Jumbo Bag of any size Pampers Diapers or Pants to give away. This is part of Pampers' campaign for UNICEF to help vaccinate for tetanus in less-industrialized countries. Way to go, Pampers! Four secondary winners will get the Pampers "One Pack = One Vaccine" onesies. Ends April 4th.

Super Duper Swim Diaper at My Mom's View

My Mom's View has written a very good review of the Super Duper Diapers Swim diaper. You can tell she has put this diaper to the test and it has come out with great success. One lucky mom is going to win a swim diaper! And guess what, this giveaway is for Canadians only!

Super Duper Diapers is a Canadian company based in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. I love that their website is in both French and English! They have very reasonable prices, a great selection of cloth diapers and accessories, as well as teething necklaces, baby carriers and breastfeeding accessories.

Citizens of Humanity Jeans at Life Starring Ellie & Eve

Another great giveaway from Life Starring Ellie & Eve as part of the March Maternity Jamboree! Win a pair of maternity jeans from Citizens of Humanity. Now I have a lot of trouble finding jeans that fit in regular jeans, not to mention maternity. I have a feeling pregnancy will bring out the track suit in me. Not cool! These jeans look like they were made for stylin' mamas. At about $180 a pair you might hesitate to buy some (I know that's definitely out of my budget), but here's a chance to win a pair! Enter by the 4th of April.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bummas wipes from Jabbering Jessi

Bummas are reuseable cloths that can be used as baby washcloths and/or wipes. Machine-washable (yay) and come in great colours! You can enter to win a set over at Jabbering Jessi's blog - ends March 27!

Bonn Bonn Baby

Bonn Bonn Baby: These products are made from "EcoFresh certified antimicrobial protection with a patented moisture control wicking fabric to keep baby fresh and dry". Sounds like a good idea!

See Kai Run at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls!

Here are a bunch more chances to win a pair of See Kai Run shoes from their regular or Smaller line. They're super cute! I keep entering to win a pair from various blogs, no luck yet! One day maybe!

Enter over at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls, by the 29th of March!

Win a pair over at Love, Life, Family... and then some! This one ends on the 25th!

...and another chance at Coupon Princess, enter this one by the 1st of April!

... one more time, at Seeryus Mama! This one also ends the 1st of April!

Blossom at Life Starring Ellie & Eve

The March Maternity Jamboree continues at Life Starring Ellie & Eve with a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Blossom. Blossom is an online store that has everything from babywear to mamawear and a whole lot more. Wouldn't that be nice to win!

Boon at The Soothie Ranch

You can win one of the products featured in The Soothie Ranch's review of Boon baby feeding products! These include the Squirt (baby food dispensing spoon), Benders spoon and fork, the divided plate called the Saucer and the Catch Bowl which has a built-in bib of sorts. Enter by April 2nd!

Bare Organics at {Natural Mommie}

Bare Organics is a Canadian company offering natural and organic products for baby, mom and home. They also do nice gift baskets! {Natural} Mommie is giving away a $25 gift certificate as part of her Spring Giveaway Event! This would be enough to purchase a set of Reuseable Produce Bags and an organic cleanser (my picks). Or... choose your own products to buy, there are lots of nice things. Enter by the 29th of March!

Win a TV (grand) or weekly electronics prizes from Dell

This one's for Canadians only. Hit up Dell to enter to win a 46" TV or other weekly electronics prizes like laptops and digital cameras in the Data Center Defender contest. Play a game or refer friends for more entries, or just log in for an extra entry each day. Good luck! Ends April 6th.