Friday, March 27, 2009


I won a DaBib from A Psych Mommy! I'm excited! These bibs look like they're great. Shari and DaBib are kind enough to send it up here to Canada - I am looking forward to receiving it! I'll let you know my thoughts on it when it comes!

I do think this looks like a very cool bib; the soft collar keeps food off the neck, which is a good thing! And the colours and prints are pretty. Anyway, I've found a bunch of other DaBib giveaways:
Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls has one for a lucky winner, ends April 6th,
The Angel Forever is giving one away, ends April 5th,
Blessings Abound has one to give away, ends April 3rd,
and another one at My Trendy Tykes which ends March 31

Many chances! These are all open to Canada and US. good luck!


  1. congrats on the win I hope you get it.

  2. I've won a DaBib!! I gave it to a friend who is pregnant. I thought that it was great quality - so I know you won't be disappointed :) Oh, and I got the DaGiggles one.

  3. Very cool! The pictures of them look great. I got the DaHugs, I couldn't resist how soft/comfy it looked - weird thing to say about a bib but it really does look that way!


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