Friday, April 10, 2009

Good and bad Friday

Good Friday is a cause for celebration for a lot of people, whether it's just because they have a holiday off work or are celebrating the religious date. For me it's the day my father died. Worse, since Good Friday doesn't fall on the same date every year, it always feels like there are two days of extra sadness - Good Friday and the actual date he died. So it's a sad day today for me and my family.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Happy, because in my town today Lindt is giving away free chocolate! I'm not sure it gets much better than that. They may come to your town - check here to see (this is a Canadian promotion).

Meanwhile there are loads of online giveaways going on, here are some for today:

For baby:
  • Win the item of your choice from Bamboo Hugs at Now What Baby! I love the Panda Hug bath blanket, how cute is that?! Ends May 8th.
  • Win a Big Bib from Bazzle Baby at Mommy's Quiet Time. Ends April 23rd.
  • Win a onesie from DreamKids at My Organized Chaos. I like the "Anything But Ordinary" onesie. The "Here to Change the World" is pretty cute, too (and reminds me of Baby Matt Parkman on Heroes)! Ends April 20th.
  • Win a set of Tee-Knees - knee pads for little crawlers! How cute. Enter at Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous - this one's only open to Canadians! There's a change. Ends April 19th.
  • Win a chenille baby blanket from Layla Grace at Mommie's Angels! So pretty. Ends April 10th so hurry up!
For mum:
  • Win a strawberry (grown-up bath toy) at Grab Bag Reviews! It's the Toy of the Month! If I mention it's from Eden Fantasys you should know the kind of thing I mean. Just go check it out ;) Ends April 22nd.
  • Simply Stacie's Cream Perfume giveaways are still going on! Day 6 ends tonight April 9th, and Day 7 ends tomorrow, the 10th. Two more chances to win this cool perfume!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rock muffins and giveaways

This morning I made a new (to me) recipe for "Health Food Muffins". It combines granola cereal with molasses in a delicious muffin. However... I forgot to add the baking powder! They're yummy, but very, very dense. Oops.

On to some giveaways that I've found for today!

For the home:
  • Win a $200 Home Depot gift card! Wouldn't that be nice? From tools and tool rental to gardening, rugs, lighting, paint, anything you could want for upgrading and maintaining your home. Enter at One Project Closer by the 30th of April to win!
  • Win a set of 3 organic washcloths from Sage Creek Organics at Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy! These would be a real treat for anyone to use. Ends May 10th.
For baby:
  • Win a 3-pack of SuperBibs from Bumkins at My Organized Chaos. This pack is waterproof and gender neutral, perfect for 'surprises'! Ends April 17th.
  • Win a Pikkolo baby carrier from Parenting By Nature (a Canadian company) at Go Graham Go! Ends April 21st. I keep trying for a baby carrier since I think they make a lot of sense! They keep baby close for comfort, but leave the parent's hands free.
  • Win your choice of baby tee from BonnBonn Baby at Barefoot Mommy! Ends April 21st. BonnBonn Baby's products are made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabrics.
  • Win a Kuster Bath Toy Store at Bookroom Reviews. Ends April 15th!
For mum:
  • Win a Blush topless undershirt at My Mom's View! These aren't quite shirts; they cover the gap without the bulk. Ends April 13th.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great finds for Tuesday

Today feels like a happy day - I woke up from a chocolate cake dream and any day that starts with chocolate is okay with me! Here are some new giveaways going on out there...

For baby:
  • Win a pair of BabyLegs from the Pink Olive Boutique at My Organized Chaos! Ends April 17th.
  • Win a Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket at The Verdict: Parenting on Trial. While you're there, watch Keonte's video to see how quickly baby Iyana calms with the Miracle Blanket! I'm going to have a chance to review the Miracle Blanket in a little while, I'll let you know my thoughts! Ends April 13th.
  • Win a baby prize pack from Similac and Bobbie's Blog! The basket includes a 8oz can of Similac, a container of baby wipes and assorted other baby items! Ends April 9th.
  • Win a pair of See Kai Run shoes (!!) at The Laughs Will Go On! I just love these. I cannot choose a favourite. I love the Addisons, but the Peters are ones my DH and I both adore... the Charlie's are awfully cute, too... Oh, baby shoes. Why are you so cute!
  • A free sample diaper from Huggies Pure & Natural is available here! They use organic cotton, and contain aloe and Vitamin E. Great! Both US and Canadian addresses may request one. Not a contest at all! Just go get yours!
  • Win a diaper clutch from Small Potatoes (a Canadian company!) at My Mom's View! This looks handy for diapers as well as, as suggested, any little things you need to keep organized - in or out of the diaper bag! Ends April 13th.
  • Win a Safe Sippy from LadyBug Soup! Ends April 17th. I love the design of these - everything just makes sense and makes you wonder why someone didn't come up with these features sooner!
  • Win a pair of Jack and Lily shoes (made in Canada!) at J. Leigh Designz! Ends April 20th.

For Toddler:

For Mum or Dad:
  • Win a Crazy Dog t-shirt of your choice at Grab Bag Reviews! Ends April 21st.
  • Win a Loyal Army t-shirt of your choice (one reader gets an adult tee, one gets one from the children's line) at Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous! I just got a Loyal Army tote in the mail yesterday (thank you Parent Reviewers!) and I have to say how awesomely cute it is. It has little spaceships and clouds on it. Love. This giveaway ends April 17th.
  • Win a $25 Gift certificate to Botanical Soap Shop (a Canadian company!) over at {Natural} Mommie, part of the ongoing Spring Giveaway event. Ends April 14th.
  • This one's sort of just for Mum, but Dad will appreciate how great she looks... Win any clothing item from Ellembee at The Giveaway! Ends April 17th. Check out Ellembee's Etsy shop for her great printed tees, hoodies and more!
  • Same again, in practice it's for Mum but Dad will enjoy it! Win a Cream Perfume at Simply Stacie in Day 5 of her Cream Perfume giveaways! Ends April 8th.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Day!

I'm calling a Snow Day! For those of you who do not live in the northern climate, a snow day gets you out of school, off work, you get to stay at home and enjoy being cozy!

Sadly, while we are getting maybe 10-25 cm today, it's not enough to actually be a snow day. We have had a nice few weeks where temperatures hit around 10 degrees Celsius. My herbs in the box on my deck started sprouting. I thought spring was really here. No such luck!
And even sadder, since I work at home even a snow day is not an off work day.

On a happier note, here are some giveaways that I found today. I'll probably update with more as the day goes on. As always, these are open to Canadians:

For the ladies:
  • Win a $50 gift certificate to Layers Clothing! Design {for} Baby is hosting this giveaway. Ends April 18th.
  • It's day four of the Cream Perfume giveaways at Simply Stacie! Ends April 7th.
For baby:
  • Win a pair of eco-friendly soft soled Bobux shoes at Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy, as part of the Earth Day Extravaganza! Ends May 10th.
  • Win the Ultimate Baby Shower gift at I Never Grew Up from Bitty Basics! It includes a nursing cover, bib, baby bracelet, binky clips and burp cloth all in a blue damask print. Ends April 10th.
  • Win a pair of See Kai Run shoes from True Cuddles! True Cuddles is a great site every day with deals and steals for mom and baby. Ends April 12th.
  • Here's another See Kai Run giveaway at Punky Monkeys! These shoes are just so cute. Ends April 13th.
  • Win three (!) FuzziBunz diapers at A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts. Enter by the 11th of April!
  • Win a cute pair of Jack and Lily shoes at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House! I adore their shoes, so many designs to choose from! Ends April 20th.
  • Win a Changing Pod (great circular design!) from Small Potatoes at Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous! Ends April 16th.
  • Win a Kate Quinn Organics Baby or Kids' Longsleeve tee from dkMommySpot! Ends April 13th, with a daily entry option.
For child:
  • Win a Happy to be Me shirt in size 6T for your boy or girl at Glimpse Reviews! Ends April 13th.
  • Win a pair of Plueys rain boots for your child at My Organized Chaos! Ends April 17th.
For the home:
  • This one could be for baby, child, teen or it's pretty enough to be for mama as well... Win a Lulu & Peep laundry bag at Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous. This ends April 8th, so hurry up!
  • Win a woven bamboo throw by Dreamsacks from Prissy Green! I love bamboo for its softness and sustainability. Ends April 20th.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

It's lovely outside here today - not exactly spring but the sun is shining. Before I head out to inspect our slumbering garden, some giveaways:

For baby:
  • Win a 100% Merino Wool undershirt & a Bamboo Leaf hoodie from MahaDevi's baby collection at {Natural} Mommie. These clothes look like they were made by elves with a wicked fashion sense. I love the little pointed hood of the hoodie. Ends April 12th.
  • Monkey Mayhem is kicking off the Virtual Baby Shower and Birthday Party today with a sling giveaway from Rockin' Baby Slings! Ends April 12th.
  • Win a onesie from Dylbug at Parents Gear! They're cute and trendy too. Ends April 18th.
  • Win an outfit for your baby from kumquat at Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous! These are super cute! Ends April 13th.
For baby, child AND mom:
  • Win a $75 gift certificate for The Children's Place and a tote from Life Starring Ellie & Eve! I *love* The Children's Place. I get to shop there for my nieces and nephew, and it's sooo fun. Their prices are good, and sale prices are just amazing. Ends April 14th.