Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, I fall squarely on the side of tap water in the tap vs bottled debate. We're lucky to live in a place where water is plentiful and treatment means it's perfectly safe to drink out of the tap (unless you lived in Walkerton during the water crisis).

However, there are some interesting developments in the world of bottled water. One of my absolute to-die-for favourites is vitamin water in xxx (it's acai berry, pomegranate and blueberry flavoured and I LOVE it despite the hefty $1.99 price tag). That's not sponsored or anything, that's just love talking.

Here are some I haven't tried - and chances to win them:

Metromint water comes in six interesting varieties, including chocolate mint, which sounds promising. Of course I'm a certified chocoholic so I'm the target market there, I think. You can enter to win a case at Jamie's Precious Peas. This one ends April 5th.

You could also win a gift box of 6 bottles of Ayala’s Herbal Water (one of each interesting flavour - for example, lemongrass mint vanilla!), an organic cotton tote bag, and a t-shirt which are all going to one lucky reader of Your Mama Reviews. I like the organic cotton tote bag idea, that's a start, wish the bottles weren't so plastic and bottly. At any rate it sounds interesting too! Giveaway ends March 30.

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