Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No, she's not here yet.

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday. My due date is Friday, and she said that 80% of first-time mums go about a week late. There’s nothing happening yet; I doubt she’ll come by Friday.

Next Monday, if nothing’s happened yet, she’ll do a membrane sweep to try to get things going (does that sound early to anyone else?) – and again Thursday and Sunday if necessary. By the 14th, they’ll start induction with a prostaglandin gel and then maybe pitocin (which would probably mean a February 15th baby).

I’m really hoping none of those things happen and labour will start naturally before Monday! It feels like not enough time... While I want her here, I really want this to happen without interference. Ugh.

I'm also feeling a LOT of outside pressure to have the baby. People keep asking me about it (some daily) - as if I wouldn't let my family and close friends know when things start happening! Even though it's not in my control - I'm doing what I can to get things going, including Evening Primrose Oil, Red Raspberry Leaf tea, sitting/bouncing on my yoga ball, keeping on my feet and walking as much as I can - I still feel like somehow I am failing or disappointing them by not going into spontaneous labour.

So – send labour vibes :) but don't ask me...


  1. Canadian midwives are different from American ones.... I can't imagine one even suggesting pitocin as an option when you're not even to your due date....

  2. I'd rather not do a sweep again thank you very much! I had a bad experience with my OB doing that to me several times with #1. I was not even dilated so it was EXTREMELY painful. I'm opting for no sweeps unless I'm way past due AND well effaced and dialated.

  3. We had asked about what would happen postdates, which started the induction discussion - due date is the 4th, she's talking about pitocin on the 14th, so it's not too, too early. Still. Would rather it didn't happen!

    I've heard the sweeps are awful. I really don't want that either. :( Yikes.

    I keep telling this baby she's got to come on her own and sooner is better than later!

  4. She's going to come! A "due date" means nothing to her; she'll come when she's ready.
    I went 6 days past with Chloe and about the same with John.
    I too panicked a little as my due date came and went and they told me about how everything would proceed if labor didn't start on it's own.
    Don't be pressured into anything; sweeps are optional and to a certain extent, being induced is too.
    I had a sweep with John. It didn't hurt then but I felt crampy and awful the rest of the day. I'm not convinced it did a darn thing.

    Hang in there....and watch your mail; I sent you a little something today :)

  5. I agree with Jenn, both sweeps and induction are OPTIONAL and it's your body. Especially if you are wanting a natural birth, I wouldn't want the induction, esp for my first birth. My OB had known to let women go past due 3 weeks just because they want a natural birth. Most women will definitely have the baby before 2 weeks "late" anyway. Having been through an induction, I say let your body do it's own thing. When it's ready, it's ready.

  6. My sister in law had her baby yesterday and she was due on Jan 25th. She went naturally.

    Can't wait to hear your baby is here, but, I won't ask:)

  7. Oh yeah, the end is the worst because everyone wants to know and so do you! I feel for you for sure!!

    I'm with everyone else on trying to avoid pitocin at all costs (i'm kind of surprised a midwife would even suggest it, especially before 2 weeks after due date). I had to have the pitocin with Chicken because my water broke but I didn't go into labor on my own. You are guaranteed an epi for sure as it makes labor SO painful (contractions that double and triple).

    BUT, I'm sure you won't need it! I bet it won't be long before baby girl makes her entrance :)

  8. Ug Those last few weeks before my girls were born, call view was my best friend!! Sending positive vibes your way. Baby will come when she is good and ready!

  9. hurrah for you and your fella! Can't wait to see your tiny little lady - I might be needin' an address from you!


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