Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcoming reviews & giveaways

In case you didn't notice it on the top left there, I have some great reviews/giveaways coming up.

I've already got the Daddy Scrubs, Comfy Rumps diapers, and nursing products from Gypsy Jewels here, just waiting for baby to come so that we can do a proper review. I can't wait - just looking at these things makes me excited!

And, I have my hospital bags packed now. In case you thought I might have put it off just a little longer... ;) Just to give you an idea, here's the STACK of stuff we "need" to bring (with lists on top of last-minute additions):Oh, and maybe my big yoga ball, too...

All I can say is, I hope we need very little of it because (fingers crossed) our stay will be short and sweet (except, I'm breaking into the food bag the minute we're in the door!).


  1. I loved my exercise ball while laboring with Chloe...or had a love/hate relationship with it but it really helped. It was useless with John.
    I'd vote to have it handy....just in case you want to try it.
    {and yep, that looks like a lot of stuff :P }

  2. Good luck with everything. I will be thinking about you. Looks like you are pretty well prepared.

  3. As a woman that has done this 5 times from military hospital to birthing room, you have waaaay too much stuff.

  4. I have no doubt that you're right!

    If it were up to me, I'd be birthing at home with my midwife... no need to pack, just prepare.

  5. wow you have a lot I went with one bag. I loved the yoga ball in early labour. Try it out :) & goodluck


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