Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PJ's for your little peanut at DK Mommy

DKMommy once again has a great giveaway over at DKMommy Spot. This time it is for a pair of bamboo infant/toddler pajamas from What Every Baby Needs. I like these little frog ones, how cute is that? The site says they're for boys but really... when I was a little girl I was so interested in ponds and frogs were a big part of that. So I think they'd be sweet for either gender.
If you haven't tried bamboo clothing yet, go shopping! It is not only a sustainable and beautiful fibre, it is soft as the dickens and warm yet breathable. It's light enough for t-shirts but if you're one of those people like me who is cold all the time, you will love it. I have a bunch of bamboo socks and they're the best thing since toast.
Anyway, to enter to win some great bamboo pj's (there are other styles available besides the frogs), head on over to DKMommy Spot by the 11th of March!

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