Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Miracle Blanket - Review

So, I have received a Miracle Blanket and I wanted to tell you about it. Bear in mind, I don't (yet) have a baby so I really can't comment on how well it works. However, I've seen some amazing videos of babies literally going from screaming to sleeping in a matter of minutes with the use of the Miracle Industries Miracle Blanket!

In fact, they are having a video contest right now called Crying to Calm. You can see an image of the contest details here. Basically, if you post a video of your baby going from crying to calm using the Miracle Blanket (continuous footage) on YouTube and follow all the instructions, you could win up to $500! Wow.

If you want to see an example of how well this works, check out Keonte's review over at Parenting on Trial - there's even a video.

Back to my review. First of all, I've been researching swaddling online out of my own curiosity. There are several options. One is to use a regular receiving blanket and try to fold it up in a way to swaddle the baby. This works for some people. Let me just say that while I appreciate the art of origami, it's not what I would prefer to do with a screaming, wriggling infant. Another is to use a swaddling blanket and there are a few different designs out there. Some have wings, some have pockets, some are big and some are small. So which do you choose?

The Miracle Blanket has extra long wings that wrap snugly around baby more than once. This helps when you have a little Houdini who wriggles out of a smaller style and wakes him- or herself up. The longer wings use the baby's own weight to keep everything tucked in, comfortably and softly. There is no velcro, no snaps, nothing hard or scratchy on it. Yet despite the long wings, it is not bulky.

The fabric of the Miracle Blanket is super soft cotton! It says right on the package to wash it first (of course), but even pre-washing it is so soft. None of that starchy feeling and it's not stiff or scratchy. It's also a fairly light weight which is great for little ones that overheat and tend to get rashes.

This product is designed for babies from newborn to 14 weeks. It really is meant to take the pressure off both baby and parents while the baby adjusts to having a great big world around them. The swaddle helps keep limbs from sleep-twitches that disturb the baby's sleep. And you know if baby's sleep is disturbed, so is mum and dad's! I know new parents are exhausted. A product like this, that helps everyone get some rest, is a good thing.

They also offer great product support. There are very clear instructions included with the blanket (with lots of drawings that show exactly how to use it). There is also a helpful video on the Miracle Blanket website.

This would make an awesome gift for new parents. The packaging is professional, the pictures on the label are sweet, the gift of sleep will be much appreciated. If you were debating what to get for the next baby shower I can recommend this. You know there will be 10 different diaper cakes there, do something different. It is reasonably priced at $29.95 (USD) - and they are even having a spring sale of 10% off right now.

The one I got is the Natural Beige and it looks just exactly like the pictures on the website. I opened it up and can see how sensible the design is. Overall - granted, without trying it on a baby (yet!) - I am impressed and would not hesitate to give this as a gift or use it for my own child in the future.

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