Monday, May 25, 2009

Good morning!

I got up at 6am. Why? No idea. It's crazy. I'll need naps today - I'm teaching tonight until 10pm. On the plus side, getting up early, I made some muffins in time for the DH to have hot muffins for breakfast before work, and finished that baby quilt I've been working on (yay!). I think it turned out well! I might just start another one, it's pretty fun to do. And now I'm not sure whether to give it to one of my six pregnant friends, or sell it in my Etsy shop. Hmm.

I want to say hi to my new followers! (And to my previous followers as well!) I hope you find my blog is one you'll come back to. I post lots of links to giveaways each day (well usually 5 days out of 7) and while all of them are Canada-friendly, the vast majority are also US-friendly. You may have to skim a couple paragraphs of my blather each day to get to it, but the giveaways list is always there. Usually I continue to add to it as the day goes on so if you're into the giveaways, it might be worth checking back or scrolling through yesterday's post. I hope you will find something that interests you!
Here are some giveaways I've found today...

For the ladies:
For baby:
Ai. sorry, that might be all I can manage for today. I was feeling sick so I lay down for a bit and slept for 2 hours! I have a lot to do today (like work for instance) so I think I'm out for today. But I do have more to share and will be back for sure tomorrow!!

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