Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neighbours and the dog.

We have a dog. A great big chocolate lab named Cadbury. He's very trainable, and we've trained him to 'go' in a certain spot in our yard, in the back corner. We are in a new subdivision and don't have fences yet between the backyards (although we are meeting with all the neighbours and a fencing company tomorrow to hopefully get that underway).

This morning I was out in back with the yard and one of our backyard neighbours (we have 3 along the back, since we have a corner lot) came out and asked to talk to me. We have been in our house for a year and a half and this is the first time they have spoken to us, ever! Even though we wave to them and say hi if we are out there, they ignore us! Four weeks ago we went around with a letter from us asking our neighbours to talk to us about getting a fence - and left our email, phone, said talk to us if we're out (we're out back a fair amount) and they totally ignored it!

So what did she want? To complain about the smell from our dog's 'area' that he goes in. Now I know we need to clean that up more regularly than we do (we did it about 6 days ago). And yes, popular belief has it right - poop stinks. I could smell it in her backyard and I could understand, nobody wants a backyard to smell like that. She suggested that we move the area to somewhere 'beside our house'. (It was up beside our house until a month or so ago when we moved his area so we could put in the vegetable gardens. Our plan has always been to use this particular back corner of our lot for him).

So we cleaned it up this morning. But, we are not moving his area. I am hoping the smell is reduced when we get fences up, at least blocked. And we are going to really make a point of cleaning it up more often than once a week. I don't want to make our neighbours unhappy, but it is our yard.
What do you think? Are we doing enough? Should we let our neighbour decide how we use our yard? Are we being totally awful neighbours?

I don't want to make an enemy :(

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  1. Hard call. I would hate if I could see a bunch of dog poo from my yard, never mind smell it. The fence should take care of that. But no matter what she could have approached you with it in a nice way.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about your giveaway! Your blog is fabulous, and I love your crafty creations!!
    About the dog, I think a fence is going to help a lot. And, cleaning it up more often. Your neighbors don't sound very friendly.

  3. Yeah, they're not the friendliest. :S

    And we do really need to clean up more often if it's bothering them... I agree, nobody wants to smell that in the backyard.

    I'm glad at least they felt they could approach us to talk to us about it. But I do wish that the first time they ever talked to us was to say hi or something nice rather than a complaint.


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