Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snugs Boutique Bamboo Diaper Review!

Note: you can click on the images for a close-up! Just ignore how old my hand looks in that one pic... why does it look like that! I swear I have regular early-thirties hands in real life!

A while back I was lucky enough to win a one-size bamboo pocket diaper with insert, and a diaper cover from Snugs Boutique! The contest was hosted by one of my favourite blogs, My Mom's View. I received the diaper today and as soon as I saw it, I really wanted to review it right away.

Snugs Boutique is a Canadian company (yay!). The owner, Andrea, is a mom whose sewing skills led to the founding of this company. When she saw that cloth diapers were a great solution to diapering, but they were expensive - she set out to make her own. Now her company not only makes diapers but imports them as well, allowing her to control the costs and materials.

I received the Small Bamboo Pocket Diaper. The first thing I noticed was how amazingly soft it is. The lining and insert are made with microfiber and bamboo. If you don't already know about the amazing qualities of bamboo, let me just say it's first off a sustainable resource, perfect for your eco-baby! Secondly, and this is a great feature, it's naturally anti-microbial. Third, it's more absorbent than cotton! I would say this makes for a perfect diaper. The outer layer of the diaper is made of PUL, which is waterproof. I picked the yellow, going for gender-neutral, and the colour is a nice lemon meringue pie kind of yellow. The lining is beige.

The insert is also fully removable (it snaps in place in the pocket so won't bunch up), which is great for laundering and allows for quicker drying. I can't really think of a feature that this diaper doesn't have - unless a self-cleaning option was possible! I wish!

I also got a really nice diaper cover! The diaper cover is not absolutely necessary with this diaper, since it's waterproof already, but a little extra leakage or blowout protection can't hurt! The cover is blue and yellow - a bright blue on one side, and a paler blue with yellow accents on the other. Yes, its reversible! Awesome. Snugs Boutique will even do custom colour orders for the covers if you have something specific in mind.

One thing I wanted to mention that really impressed me was how adjustable these are. The snaps are all plastic, no cold metal on baby's skin, and there are two rows with four possible snaps in each row. This means that for babies with chubby legs and tiny waists (or vice versa) you can adjust for that. Not only that, snaps are more likely to stay on the baby - what's more fun than ripping off velcro and running around in the nude? Hey, the Chippendales made careers of it.

Now let's talk about prices. If you have looked into cloth diapering you know they seem like a huge investment (though they pay off in the long run, compared to disposables)! But these are very reasonably priced. The diaper itself is $9 and the diaper cover is $8. This is in Canadian dollars, no exchange or duty (bonus!).

Let's do a quick look at some of the other comparable brands you might have heard of. I think you can figure out which they are... I don't want to look like I'm criticizing these since I have formed no opinion of them, this is purely a price comparison. (I just stopped in at Kelly's Closet to check out some of theirs, if you're wondering where I got these prices.)
  • Fu**ibun* Perfect Size pocket diaper with snaps: $17.95 USD
  • Happy H****s one-size pocket diaper with snaps: $18.95 USD
  • Swa**leb**s Econa**i one-size pocket diaper with snaps: $28.95 USD
None of these are bamboo and ALL of them are a great deal more expensive (plus for us Canadians you have to factor in the exchange rate and customs/duty charges). Now don't you think Snugs Boutique is a better option?! I sure do.


  1. The last time I checked Andrea was making pocket diapers without a pocket diaper license though. I guess you can charge less on a product when you just steal a patented idea. I'm sure the diapers are wonderful but another mama spent alot of time coming up with the pocket diaper and patented her idea and then just requested that people purchase a license to make pocket diapers. If you just pretend you don't know this and make pocket diapers without the necessary licensing you are going to be able to sell them cheaper because you didn't spend money on the license!

  2. If it is a patented design and Andrea's diapers are exactly the same, I expect the owner of the patent would have the option of taking legal action.
    Without knowing the details I wouldn't jump to conclusions!
    If you have issues with Snugs Boutique it would make more sense to talk to them directly rather than say or imply negative things about them on blogs anonymously.


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