Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday

Today is truly a happy day for us. We have the day off - we went for a hike up in the woods with the dog, it was lovely. Tonight we're going to see that new Star Trek movie - I can't wait to see "Sylar" from Heroes as Spock! We got some good news today, one of my galleries e-mailed me to say they have just sold three paintings and have two more on hold for clients. Yay!

I know I haven't been posting the giveaways as much lately, I do promise that I will get back into it. I still haven't moved everything from the old computer yet, there's not that much left, I just don't feel like it so I've been procrastinating. The quilt I'm making (as a procrastination exercise) is so nearly done. It was really fun to do and I think I'll do some more. Not sure if these will make baby shower gifts for my friends or if they will end up in my Etsy shop!

Anyway, here are a couple that I wanted to post -

For anyone:
  • Win a Mystic Wonders Complete Laundry System at Thrifty Minnesota Mama! I love the idea of these. No more chemicals in our house, water or on our clothes. Sounds good, right? Ends June 1st.
For adults:
and a little heads up: I'll be doing a review of Eden Fantasys (and maybe, hopefully, a giveaway too) soon!

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