Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cyclebeads - Review and Giveaway! (8/21)

winner: Tom, Sherrie and Kaden Kimber!
Sherrie, please email me!

Yes - finally - the long-awaited TTC (Trying To Conceive) giveaway.

But wait! It's not just for TTC women... read on to see what's in the mystery bag and if this would be good for you!

As you may know if you have been reading my blog, I had a recent miscarriage. We had been TTC since November, when we got married - I was thrilled and excited to finally be 'trying'! And, unfortunately, we are back to 'trying' again - this time a little jaded, a little less excited, a little wary, knowing firsthand what one of the possibilities is. Honestly that positive test that we may eventually see is going to be nothing like the innocent joy of the first one. Anyway...

I had never really kept track of my cycle before - other than knowing approximately when to expect it. Suddenly last November that changed. I wanted to know dates! I wanted to keep track and know where I was, the better to plan for conception.

One of the tools I picked up to help with that was Cyclebeads.

What the heck are CycleBeads? I didn't know either! It's basically a loop of beads, with a rubber ring that goes around the circle. The beads are coloured to indicate where you are in your cycle. How does that work? On the first day of your period, you move the ring to the red bead (intuitive, right?!). Then each following day you move the ring one bead over. When you reach the white beads, you've hit the most likely days you could get pregnant. It's based on averages, so is limited to cycles that are regular and fall within the average of 26-32 days long.

And I soon discovered that I'm not average - my cycle is around 34 days long - so I can't use these.

But my loss is your gain as I've decided to pass these along to one lucky winner! These are really not only useful for women who are trying for a baby... this prize would be great for:
  • young women just reaching puberty, to help guide them through and keep track
  • women who want to use a natural family planning method - yes, you can use them to NOT get pregnant by avoiding the baby dance or using other methods of birth control on the white bead days!
  • women who want an easy way to keep track of their cycle for their own knowledge of when to expect "Aunt Flo"
PLUS I have made a cute little drawstring bag for them as they did not come with any storage case. The bag contains the Cyclebeads, the illustrated instruction booklet that you will want to read carefully if you are planning to (or not to) conceive, and even an extra ring just in case.
I think this is an awesome product and I really wish it worked for me!

Okay, on to what you want to know - how to enter!

- leave me a comment saying why you would want the CycleBeads or how they would help you. If you want to give them as a gift, who were you thinking of and why?

- follow my blog on Google Friends (current followers count too!)
- add my button to your blog (if you already have it, that counts too!)
- blog about this giveaway

Please leave a separate comment for each entry and leave your email address if it's not visible in your profile. Enter by midnight EST on Friday, August 21st. I'll email the winner, post the winner on THIS post and probably do a new post as well - 'cause I know when I enter giveaways I like to know who won! This is NOT a sponsored giveaway, I will be shipping these myself, so I am limiting this giveaway to US and CANADA only. Entries that don't follow the rules will be deleted.


  1. mm this sounds really interesting! it's always a good thing to knwo when to expect it!!

  2. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive our first child and I think this would help us out a lot!

  3. I can never remember or keep track of my cycle, so this would help me to be aware and plan accordingly.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  4. Shoot!! I REALLY want those!! I may be getting some soon though so... hmm! Oh well, I'll enter anyway! We'll be trying in just a couple of weeks... I CAN'T believe it!!!

  5. I would love them because we are right now ttc, and after I'd use them for natural family planning

  6. This would be great for me too. We are trying NOT to have a baby right now, but in a year or two, we will be trying again and this would be helpful both ways. Thanks.

  7. I'd love to use this to track my cycle as I've never done that before. I also love the bag you made. That's very thoughtful. Thanks!

    Best of luck with everything!

  8. Button on left sidebar

  9. I'd like to get these for myself. We're done having babies and I'd like these to help keep track. I've charted to get pregnant, but never to prevent, so these could be helpful.
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  10. great product, this is the first time i've heard of it. I would love to win for myself, and would use it for family planning purposes. We have a one year old, and i don't want to get pregnant again!

  11. Trying to have another baby and things aren't going so well, this would be just an answer to my prayers! Please let me win!

  12. Well I would like them since Hubby and I are trying NOT to conceive at the moment. :) With a one year old and a four month old we really do not want another baby right now. Thanks!!

  13. Oh my heart hurts a little. I am sorry for your loss. I am thinking of my husbands cousin and cousins wife. They have been trying for years to get pregnant. And then they got pregnant the same time as us and another cousin. Shortly after they found out, they had a miscarriage. 5 months ago they became pregnant again and we were all so excited for them. The other cousin and I had our babies in May/June of this year.

    Well they had another miscarriage and she was 5 months along and I feel sooo awful. As we have 4 healthy children, I really wish I could take hubbys and mines "stuff" and give it to them as we dont want anymore, so they could easily whip up some babies. I know that cant happen.

    1 week after the miscarriage the cousins dad (my husbands uncle) unexpectantly died of a heart attack during their garage sale. And the beloved grandmother of the family passed away in June. So there has been too much loss for them.

    I think this would be great to send them and even if I dont win, I am going to look into this. Because what do you do when something like that happens? I dont want to send a sympathy card, I feel like they might "hate/jealousy" of us, which is completely 100% understandable, I mean what do you do?

    How do you show them you are sorry for what they are going through?

    Do you want family to acknowledge what you are going through? If so, how?



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