Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tints of Nature hair colour - Giveaway!

I dyed my hair for many, many years - from black to bright (primary) red and pretty much everything in between, including stripes! I did it for fun as I was young and had the time on my hands.

Shall we see some photos? Hmm... Well, here's one I found from when I dyed my hair straight up black. Back when I was just 18. Oh, those crazy university days. Haven't changed much, have I? (shh, just agree!)
These days I'm much more concerned and aware about what chemicals and products I use - both for my own health and for their effect in an environmental sense. So if I were to pick back up on dying my hair (and, honestly, now it would be more for hiding those grey hairs I see coming in than for fun), I would definitely choose one that is low-impact, both on me and on the earth.

Sadly for me I do not just now have the time or energy to dye my hair - I am a low-maintenance kind of girl, especially with a busy (very, very busy, and also still sleepless) toddler. Maybe one day.
However! I am pleased to share with my readers the brand Tints of Nature, which I have learned is ammonia-free, has no parabens, no resorcinol, no propylene glycol, and low levels of paraphenylenediamines (pigment) and highest quality, mildest peroxide. It also contains natural and up to 60% organic (either Soil Certification Organic Standard or certified by ECOCERT) ingredients such as orange, aloe, comfrey, chamomile, grapefruit as well as Vitamins C and E.

Tints of Nature is free from animal products and is not tested on animals (thank you).
There are 24 colours to choose from, including five new shades (Very Light Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde, Medium Ash Brown, Fiery Red and Dark Copper Blonde). Hmm, the names alone make me consider getting back into a little colour!

Inside the (recycled) packaging, you will also find a clarifying shampoo for use before colouring as well as pH balanced shampoo and conditioner for after colour care.

You can pick this up at selected stores such as Loblaws, Superstores, Fortinos and Whole Foods, as well as at organic and health stores.

AND - great news - I am hosting a giveaway for Tints of Nature as well! One of my Canadian readers will win their choice of colour (ARV $18.99)!

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway - wait for the form to load, and if you don't see it click "Read More"! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. When I was younger I died my hair every color of the rainbow, then I became a mom and found I just didn't have the time. Now I am starting to see greys popping up out of nowhere so I'm going ot have to start finding the time.

  2. yes I dye my hair. For years I didn't then 2 years ago after tramatic circumstances my Sister-in-law decided I needed a pick me up so she dyed my hir for me.The rest is history

  3. I have dyed my hair since I was 15. I used to like red then it was black, then blonde, I go in cycles. Back to blonde.... see how long that lasts!

  4. I only dye in the fall, after the sun has bleached my hair to an ungodly color.
    serena d

  5. I've dyed my hair for a few years now (10 or so...) because I can't give up my dark brown hair. I'm not ready for salt and pepper yet.

  6. Yes I do dye, and my hair is a mess right now, so I need a new dye job! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I've been dying my hair so long that I don't remember my natural colour!

    I've actually been thinking of going red and there is a beautiful red in that line I'd love to try out!

  8. I do dye, but am really overdue right now, would love to try this

  9. I have dyed my hair in the past

  10. I dyed my hair for 20 years and recently stopped doing it, i want to go natural, or natural dye now!

  11. I've been blue, pink, purple, blond, and every other colour inbetween lol

    I'm looking to get my hair back to the colour it should be right now, so, I want to dye!

    Anne Taylor

  12. I recently used this and it's the best hair colour I have ever used

  13. Yes,I do dye my hair all the time..
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  14. has a winner been chosen?

  15. Yes, a winner has been announced in the Rafflecopter widget! Thanks for visiting and come back again for more giveaways! :)


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