Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I smell chocolate banana bread...

and it smells heavenly. I can't wait until it comes out of the oven! Yum!

As a personal update, I have gotten the blood results and my levels have dropped off completely. So, no complications, no further drama (fingers crossed), I'm 'fine' and back to my non-pregnant state. What a rollercoaster. It was annoying how perky the doctor was about it.


  1. Oh good! So glad that everything is going good, as far as no complications. I have something in the mail for you! Let me know when you get it! HUGS :) Oh, and YUMMY, can I have a piece of that bread ? ;)

  2. Seriously, banana bread is my favorite! I will have to make some mroe. I made banana muffins last week and the boy ate them for the first time. I made them vegan since he can't have dairy or eggs yet. But he loves wheat!
    So glad to hear you are doing well. Or as well as can be expected.
    Thanks for the link!


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