Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yes, I actually have time today for a quick post. Here's what we have accomplished today so it's surprising...
  • DH went to the chiropractor while I watched the fence company finish off the fence (love our new gates with lattice!)
  • we went by an antique shop in town to see if it was open because we'd seen a beautiful model sailboat in the window. Despite being 10 minutes past the opening time, it was closed. Small town hours!
  • we went out for breakfast - I had a huge plate of warmed brie with maple syrup and nuts, with a pile of fruit and a latte... yum!
  • we drove down to one of my galleries in Toronto to drop off some paintings
  • we drove out to the Orfus Road shopping district and looked through half a dozen lighting stores before finally picking out some new lights for the front of the house to replace the faded cheap ones the builder put in
  • we considered going to Yorkdale mall, but the parking lot was a madhouse so we left (note to Yorkdale - we were in a spending mood, your loss!)
  • we drove back to our neck of the woods, stopping at a farmers' market and buying some freshly picked raspberries
  • we returned to the antique shop, which was finally open, and bought the boat! Love it.
  • we came home and I made a raspberry cheesecake with raspberry coulis, while DH installed the new lights on the house. Love the new lights! (and of course, love cheesecake! YUM)
Now DH is napping and I'm playing contests as usual. I've found a few to add today... and please do enter my Affordable Baby Organics giveaway! It's such a nice prize (wish I could enter) and there are hardly any entries so far.

For baby:
  • Win a Puj Go Sling at Guessing All the Way! Ends on July 19th, I believe, as a winner will be chosen on the 2oth.
  • Win a pregnancy journal at the Sure Baby blog. Ends July 31st.
For the ladies:
For those who sew:
  • Win some Japanese fabric charms from Rae Gun Ramblings. Ends July 31. One time I won some Japanese charms and they never did come :cry:. That wasn't from this blog, though!

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  1. Boat sound neat! knw just what you mean about builders lights! We built our house 4 years ago and I don't think we have any of the original lights because they were sooooooo dim!


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