Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was okay until...

I had to call and cancel the pre-natal classes I'd registered us for.

Everyone told me to get in early because the classes fill up. I am not glad I did that.

I had the m/c over three weeks ago (well the start of it, I'm still bleeding - TMI I know) and I kept putting this off to call and cancel. I called today and left a message but broke down in the middle of it.

You know what sucks? I mean, rubbing salt in the wound kind of sucks - they have a 20% 'administration fee' if you cancel. The price was $175. It's not about the money... it's more the concept of profiting from tragedy. I can see if we just decided not to go, or if we found another class we wanted to take instead, or if we called a week ahead of time... but that's not the case.

The class doesn't start for another 4.5 months and they typically are turning people away because they get so many people wanting to take the classes.

I'm just feeling... sad and ticked off, mostly just sad... I have that little kid feeling "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" The whole situation. I'm all irrationally angry that I have seven friends with healthy pregnancies and I was and now I'm not.

Just needed to vent a little... I'm feeling sorry for myself

I'm trying to stay positive, but...
oh, it's sad



  1. So sorry to hear about the way you're feeling right now.. And you're right, it's not fair that you should pay the administrative fee. Is there any way you could ask them to waive the fee given the circumstances? Also, maybe, just maybe you'll be pregnant again by the time the classes start, so perhaps you can wait a bit and see if you might end up taking the classes after all?

  2. Well, I asked if they would consider applying the fee towards future classes... I haven't had a chance to actually talk to anyone there yet (well I hadn't tried until today and their office was closed) so maybe they'll be kind about it. *sigh*

    Maybe weeping on their answering machine will give them an idea how I feel about it? I couldn't help myself :S

  3. That sucks ... have so been there, sobbing into the phone leaving a message to cancel my first 12 week prenatal appointment. But the admin fee? Insult to injury.

  4. It is sad. I am glad you are venting. It always makes me feel better!
    The fee thing is stupid. You are right, it is one thing if you change your mind and don't want to go but they should have some consideration for your situation. I hope you hear back from them with some understanding.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I think it is hard for hubbies to understand the intense love we have from the moment we find out we are pregnant. I don't think they can experience what we do at first, because it is not as real for them yet. I hope you will begin to feel better soon, as I know it is hard to pretend. As far as the baby shower, maybe you should skip out on going. I would think that would be incredibly hard right now to attend. It would not make you selfish or a bad friend if you decided not to go. Give yourself a break. Take care and take care of you!


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