Saturday, March 13, 2010


Remember that woman I told you about in my class - the one who keeps making comments about how my husband and I should have children (oh, or adopt)?

The other night, when she was talking about it again (seriously... I have no words), this conversation came about.

The context: We're in my studio, there are a number of students there, working away on their paintings, while I oversee and give help where needed.
She: So, you guys should have kids. When you guys have kids... But... wait a second, you're vegetarian, right?

I: Yes.

She: (gasp!) But... your babies will eat meat, right?
Um. No. I'm not planning on spawning little sharp-toothed carnivore babies. Or, you know, raising them on someone else's moral system.


  1. WOW!! I can't believe that!! Just ignore her! People have said stuff to me about how I should raise my baby. It's really none of their business!! Sorry you had to deal with that!!

  2. That's pretty she for real!!

  3. First, she is so annoying. I just want to hit her. And I don't hit.

    Second, I got that question all the time!!!!! Seriously. Like, if I had certian religious beliefs, people wouldn't ask me if I was going to raise the kids a different religion!

    The other comment I got was people asking if I was going to get a car now that I had a kid.


  4. Hey, nice...I have an omnivore baby! I'm just kidding with you. I eat meat, you don't and I'm OK with that - I would never in a million years expect you to feed your future children meat just because I do! What is this woman thinking!!!! I would hate to be her child! Imaging - not being able to have an original thought! I'm sure you will make sure your child is properly nourished - I think you should have a contest on your site about the best/funniest/(nicest?) way to tell this 'lady' to piss off/mind her own ______ business! Winner gets your favourite vegetarion recipe!

  5. You know, people just don't get it at all. It amazes me how people I barely know feel they can ask all sorts of questions that my close friends don't even ask.

    After I'd had my son and returned to work, a woman I worked with immediately started asking when we were having another and telling me we had to have another. I'd had a miscarriage after that she didn't know about but she kept asking. My response stayed the same "If it happens, it happens, and if not, we aren't too worried and won't have to buy a bigger house." One day she actually replied, "Well are you trying?" I said, "pardon?" and she repeated the question again. The nursing station was packed and I replied, "If you're asking me if I'm having sex with my husband, the answer is yes." Flabbergasted, she responded, "That's not what I was asking." I said, "Actually, that's exactly what you were asking but you also want to know if we're using birth control and I refuse to tell you that." Even that exchange only shut her up for a week.


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