Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh, my gosh, guys, I get so super-whiny when I'm sick! Sorry! And thanks for the nice things you say to me even when I'm being sucky!

BTW, this is the very last day to enter the FertilAid for Women giveaway - so if you are trying to conceive (or know someone who is), get your entries in. I am a convert to these preconception supplements! I'll draw a winner tomorrow.

Last night in my class, that woman who keeps telling me that we should have kids brought it up again... I thought she'd moved on to other topics because she hadn't mentioned it in a few weeks. No such luck. She went on and on about it, with me giving vague answers like "We'll see" and "Maybe one day", until finally I got fed up (this is fed up for me, still polite, lol) and said, "It's not always as easy as it sounds."

I think she had an OH moment - lasting all of a second - and then said "Oh, well, you can always adopt!"

Yeah, thanks for the tip, Ms. Sensitive.

Unfortunately, frustratingly, I think me being sick is making this month a write-off for trying... and another month goes by.

I'm not going to complain about being sick anymore, but let me just say that the rest of my day involves:
  1. crawling under the covers
  2. staying there


  1. Hi Emily.
    I'm sorta new to your blog and I see you are trying to conceive. Now obviously I'm no expert on the subject but I've come across this other blog where this woman changed her diet and was able to conceive naturally after that. Worth looking into! All the best!

  2. That woman's comment made me laugh. In a oh please, what a jerk kind of way. Gosh, take care of yourself. And hang in there!

  3. I'm sorry you're still feeling yucky! I'm right there with you (stupid sinus cold - I hate them!). I hope we both get well soon. And fie on that oblivious woman! :-P


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