Friday, March 12, 2010

Impressed by Jessica Simpson

I bet you weren't expecting to read that here. I'm not too into celebrity stuff, usually.

You may have heard about John Mayer's absolutely tasteless recent interview with Playboy. It hit the news because he used some unacceptable words; I found it distasteful in a number of different ways from his discussion of his porn "addiction" to his comments regarding ex Jessica Simpson. (He's since apologized for some of the things he said.) While I do like his music, I also think he's got some really nasty aspects to his personality now.

I just caught this article on Dose with a video of Jessica's interview on Letterman. She handled the interview with a lot of class. I know she played dumb on that silly show with her ex-husband (who treated her like crap on camera, I thought)... but I think this girl's got her wits about her. Worth the 5 minutes to see the intelligent, focussed and classy side of Jessica Simpson.

Score: Jessica +50, John -100

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