Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The list

I got a haircut today... it looks pretty good, but I decided to get some sideswept bangs (yeah, that photo on my profile is a little out of date). Now the bangs are falling in my face all the time. I forgot about that part. Hm, I should get a new profile photo!

Tomorrow's my doctor's appointment. I'm not expecting any answers but I do want to request some tests and, I think, a specialist. If you haven't been following what's going on and are interested, basically I had a miscarriage in June and now am having some health/fertility issues... lately involving trips to the ER. Not so fun and very worrisome.

Okay, on to more optimistic things - giveaways :) I've got two going on here:

$30 gift certificate to Skin Free (10/19)
Spice Up Your Life cookbook (10/27) (new!)

Both open to US and Canada. If you haven't entered, these are both things I have tried and loved, and I'm sure you will too. You should go enter right now!

Elsewhere -

For baby:
  • Win a $25 gift certificate to Daisy's Children's Boutique and Toy Store at Buggie and Jellybean. Ends October 18th.
  • Win a $75 Zutano gift certificate to their Itzy Bitzy collection (newborn clothing) at Simple. Ends October 18th.
  • Two winners: a Paci Sitter or a Toy Sitter of choice from Tutimnyc at Project Nursery. Ends October 16th.
For mums:
  • Win a Pampered Mama gift box from The Spoiled Mama at My Wee View. Ends October 16th.
  • Six winners of one these prizes: three belly belts, one pair of maternity tights, one super bra or one pair of perfect fit undies from Fertile Mind at Mommy News & Views, as part of their blogiversary celebration! Ends October 26th.
  • Win a Hooter Hider from Bebe Au Lait at Mommy News & Views, as well. Ends October 29th.
more to come... but probably not until Thursday as my hubby is taking my laptop tomorrow! See you then :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your recent mishap!!

    Hope all goes well for you. It took us 4 years just to get pregnant, so I think there is hope for everyone now :)

    On another note,,,

    Thanks so much for blogging about the great giveaway at My Wee View!

    Good Luck and Happy Blogging!




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