Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oh, my. My stomach is in knots. I couldn't sleep. I can't concentrate. What's going on with me? I'm waiting to find out at least one answer (that leads to more questions)....

...And that answer won't come until tomorrow. Results aren't back yet. ARGH.

Some giveaways to take my mind off things:

For baby:
For mum:
  • Win a Duffle Your Bag Standard Labour Bag at Sure Baby. Ends October 31st.
and if you haven't yet, go on and enter to win a great cookbook or super nice skin care here on my blog! links at top left!


  1. Well Friday inst too far away. I know every hour seems so long. But could you imagine the weekend if you had to wait till Monday. I hope you get good answers.

  2. YES! the giveaway will be open to canadians too!!!! I am praying for you, i hope things turn out good for you!


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