Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we did...

Well, we just dug the compost bin in. Right up against the fence. I don't know if we're setting ourselves up for a big fight with long grass later, but for now it works! And no fuss with gravel, landscape fabric, etc.

Did you go outside last night to look at the Perseids meteor shower? We went for a late walk and hung out in our neighbourhood park until about 11:30, lying on a picnic table and looking at the stars. And... we were way too early. I hear the best time was pre-dawn. We did each see a shooting star, though. It was a nice night for star-gazing.

Oh, my mum sent me this, you really must take a second to look at it...

And it's a nice day for giveaways :)

For baby:
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For anyone:
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