Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shopping for laptop bags...

I just spent some time shopping for laptop bags online. I'd only seen ugly and pure function-over-fashion bags at the stores around here and I wanted something a little more me.

I found my bag at TimBuk2... and ordered it... yikes. I'm not much of an impulse buyer... at all... this feels like an impulse buy, and I've been needing one for a while.

At least the bag is on sale for $60 rather than the regular $100. But then, shipping to Canada was $30. Yes, $30 US. That's insane. Currency conversion will bring it up over $100 CDN easily. And there may be duty charges on top of that. Free trade, my butt.

I like how it's more of a backpacky bag than a messenger bag, it doesn't scream, "I'm a laptop! Steal me!" and it can hold more than just my laptop - I don't want to carry a laptop AND a purse!

I hope I made the right choice. I'm just not a spender by nature, this was hard.

Anyway, I'm excited. Just, you know, sharing.


  1. Love those colors! If you're ever in the market for another TimBuk2 bag, you should also check Sierra Trading Post ( They sometimes have great deals on older models. Don't worry - they don't have the one you just ordered. ;-)

  2. Nice bag! I agree that paying all those shipping and duty charges totally blows, though.. But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and go for it! :)
    Like you, I'm generally quite frugal, but every once in a while I make frivolous and impulsive purchases just for the heck of it. Like last year I bought a brand new Dell laptop just because I felt like it (and the fact that we have 5 computers at home didn't affect my decision at all :)). So your laptop case purchase is not that bad considering..
    Oh well, the way I see it is if we don't spoil ourselves once in a while, who will? :)
    Enjoy your bag!

  3. Thanks ladies! I did check out Sierra first - I checked all over town, as they say, for coupon codes and prices! But it ended up that the sale right at TimBuk2 was the best deal.

    Ah, if only I could have found it at a Canadian retailer!

    Ninel, I did a similar thing with my laptop purchase last May... I just "needed" a Mac, immediately :) lol

    You know you're a geek when... (a) you impulse buy a laptop and (b) buying a bag for it is worth blogging about (that's a double whammy)!

    NOT that you're a geek, dear Ninel :) I'm talking about ME!

  4. No worries, I'm a geek, too. I'm the one who keeps giving you HTML/CSS advice, remember? :) Even if I did buy my plain run-of-the-mill $25 laptop backpack from Dell and didn't blog about it (though I do love its reflective strips and ergonomic design), I think I still out-geek you. :P

  5. By the way, did you check eBay? They have lots of these bags on there for pretty reasonable prices, though perhaps not the exact colour scheme that you chose.. :)

  6. I did take a quick peek at eBay... Trouble is, we're headed on a trip soon and I wanted it quick! Last minute me. Plus you know when you see the thing you like, and set your heart on it... then nothing else will do? That happened.

    And giving me advice on coding definitely wins the "most helpful" award!

  7. I think it is lovely! I need to get one too but I have been putting it off.


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