Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do?

So hubby built this gorgeous cedar compost bin, and we are planning to put it up against the fence in the corner of our yard (planning to, because we still have to level the ground underneath it - in case you can't tell, it's very crooked). The question is, what should we do around the bin at the bottom, between the bin and the fence? If we do nothing, the grass between there will get all high and ugly, and there won't be a way to get in and trim it. Hmm.
The man wants to leave a space just wide enough for the whipper snipper to get in. Since I'm the one doing the whipper snipping around here (mostly, while he mostly does the lawn mowing), I think that's a lousy idea.

Plus, we plan to do paving stones around the entire vegetable garden area - we have a big yard, don't worry, we're not paving the whole thing - and when we get to that (next spring?), we'd have to take out the compost bin to put stones around it. We could put stones behind the two sides now, but then we haven't chosen our stone yet for the big project.

Or we could just take out the strips of sod and put in a lining of landscape fabric and then gravel - but hubby thinks grass would come through that anyway.

Any ideas?

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  1. I so have no suggestions but wanted to say that the fence and the compost both look great!

  2. I'm not good at anything design-ish at all, but I am SO impressed by that compost bin! And jealous! We're trying to figure out where to put our compost, so thank you for the idea! :)


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