Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Blowout at Beyond the Rack

If you haven't joined Beyond the Rack yet, and love getting good deals on clothes and accessories... well, what are you waiting for? Today would be a great day to join as they are having their February Blowout sale.

Beyond the Rack is an online outlet for designer clothes at up to 70% off. Different designer 'events' change every few days, so there is always a new deal to check out. Quantities are limited, and the events only last a couple days. I've seen everything from lingerie, handbags, women's and men's clothing, watches and other accessories, shoes... all big name designers and super cheap.

You can click here to join (it's by invitation only) or you can always click the button on the right sidebar there.


In other news, the cabbage casserole with ricotta, leeks and pine nuts that I made yesterday for our guests was a total BOMB! Usually recipes from Vegetarian Times are great, so I felt good about preparing an untested recipe from the latest issue, but man... It was not a success. It had a lot of steps (luckily I decided to prepare it ahead of time, because it took about 1.5 hours) and in the end tasted alright, but kind of bland. We could tell right away by the look on our guests' faces that it wasn't going over well. And we ended up ordering pizza! Trust Domino's to save the night. Anyway... a big disappointment.

Luckily, the chocolate cake was a winner and the cinnamon rolls were also awesome for breakfast this morning. I'll share the recipe for the cake with you tomorrow!

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