Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soaking up the sun

I hope it's a great day where you are. Here it's eight degrees and sunny - lovely! Not exactly warm, but I console myself with the knowledge that by this time next week I'll be on the beach in Mexico!! We totally need a vacation after this difficult year, and it's also our first anniversary (the marriage hasn't been the difficult part!). I can't wait. And I am VERY excited to come home and start decorating the house for Christmas. I wrapped my first Christmas present yesterday :)

I think my website for my artwork is all fixed now. I'd love to know if you see any problems with it. One of these days I will have to redo the whole site as I used a mix of programs to design it and they all leave a little garbage in the code. But hopefully that day is not today!

Now I've got a few giveaways to share with you! Loving the Christmas rush on giveaways.

For baby:
For the ladies:
For anyone:
  • Win a $40 gift certificate to Every Little Bit at Canadian Natural Mama. They have loads of great eco-friendly gift ideas. Ends December 9th.
  • Win a holiday art tote by Stubby Pencil Studio at Katydid and Kid. This would be great for kids but also kind of sweet for grown-ups who like artsy stuff or interesting office supplies. Ends November 28th.
  • Win an Aromatherapy Gift Set by Natural Sundae at {Natural} Mommie. You know men are secretly into nice scents, too. Ends November 21st.
  • Win a L Letterpress kit at iDiY! Ends tomorrow, so hurry.
  • Win a set of 10 pretty letterpress note cards by Sweet Harvey at Boutique Stitches. Ends November 30th.
  • Win a Golden Moon tea set at Sweeps4Bloggers. Ends November 21st.
  • Win the watch of your choice from Inexpensive Watches at The Mom Buzz. Ends November 27th.
For grown-ups:
more to come...

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  1. Enjoy your trip!!

    yes, it's working for me know. WOW, you are so talented!!

    Looks like I need to get my Pearl Paradise giveaway up huh lol


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