Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pregnancy journals...

Did anyone find an awesome one?

For my short pregnancy recently I picked up The Everything Pregnancy Organizer (2nd edition). It was a spiral bound book with places to fill in info and some journal pages, as well as information on pregnancy. I liked that it had a place to write my questions as I thought of them between appointments. I liked that it had pockets for ultrasound pictures, the prenatal class brochure, business cards and such. I liked that it prompted me to ask some questions I wouldn't have known to ask (like what is the fundal height at each appointment). I liked the day-planner aspect of it.

But I didn't like it as a whole.

I hated the cover - too cutesy, too pink, and the texture of the plastic cover was nasty. I'd been intending to make a slipcover for it just so I wouldn't cringe at the ugliness when I took it out of my purse at the midwife's office to get my list of questions or fill in some blanks.

I hated that the pages were pink inside. And that the amount of space for writing was all broken up between the months, as sometimes I had a lot to write and sometimes not so much... so there either wasn't enough space, or I felt like I wasn't being 'good' about journaling.

I just didn't feel like it was tailored to me properly... I wasn't always sure where to put my information (like, was my first visit to the midwife the 'first pre-natal' if it was so early that they weren't checking for all the things I was 'meant' to fill in?)... it wasn't my style.

And beyond all these complaints, I feel like that one needs to get tossed... it's filled in with two months of hope and then blank... it just makes me sad. I don't want (or need) a reminder. And it makes me grumpy to think I spent $16 on it when I didn't even like it (it seemed the best of the bunch at the local Chapters).

As is patently obvious, we are planning to 'try again' (I hate the term - it makes it sound like we failed the first time... maybe we did... anyway) and I still like the idea of keeping some sort of journal and place to organize my info, dates, questions, that sort of thing.

SO my question to all you mamas out there is, did you keep a pregnancy journal? Did you find one that was perfect for you?

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  1. I read What to Expect for the questions and to see what the baby's up to until my hubby thought I was getting to neurotic and hid it. Since I had that for the info (most of the time) I found that a calender was the easiest way to record things and then when I got the baby book (Baby Chronicles is my fav) I djtted down in the pregnancy part all the important stuff


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