Friday, August 21, 2009

Golf and the cottage.

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Today's the big day... okay, not so big. But it's the annual golf tournament at my husband's work. First of all let me say I am NOT a golfer. I don't really get it. And I'm not that interested in getting it. So it's more of a long walk with boring scenery and some annoying ball business getting in the way. I don't even have the right clothes... I'm a shorts and tank tops, or jeans kind of girl. Not appropriate. I dug out an old pair of cotton capris and a t-shirt for this, and I still feel like I'm dressed all wrong.

But it "Builds Team Spirit!" is "Good For Morale!" and the old men in the company think it's dandy. So we go. And afterwards there is a big dinner with prizes for everyone. One year one of the prizes was a big flat screen tv - we didn't win that one - mostly we end up with golf shirts that are the wrong size or corpbrand coolers. Sometimes gift cards for gas or electronics stores.

With the economic downturn that everyone's on about, the golf course we're going to this year is about five steps down from last year's. It's golf on a budget, with a shabby green and small clubhouse. Dinner will be outside in a tent, because there isn't enough room for us indoors. And it's supposed to be both 27 degrees and thunderstorming - should be a steamy night! (and I don't mean the fun kind!)

Dinner is a buffet - and I have very low expectations. Typically at this kind of thing, I end up with a potato and a roll on my plate. I'm vegetarian, so that cuts out the main dish (which is invariably meat), and apparently old golf-loving men don't eat veggies unless they are potatoes. I'm taking some granola bars.

Despite all my grumpy complaining, I usually enjoy the day - we golf in a foursome with another couple about our age, who I like. I mainly laugh at my crappy golf swing (hitting the ball 1 out of 4 attempts is my average) - and we play "best ball," so my husband tends to carry the rest of us through the course.

After all this, we are driving up to Wiarton (about 3 hours away) to go to a friend's cottage on Georgian Bay. Apparently the weather will be fairly cool this weekend (19 or 20 degrees), and the water much colder than that - but it should be lots of fun. The friends we're going with are my brother- and sister-in-law, and three of their guy friends, all about 10 years younger than us... so we can play like we're in our early twenties and hopefully keep up!

So I'll be away from the internet for the weekend... how crazy is it that I know I'll be missing it... In fact, I'm taking my laptop (in my new bag! it came!) although I doubt there'll be service up there.

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  1. Have a great weekend! Hope the weather turns nice for you. And that the tornado didn't hit you guys. :-)


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