Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ceci n'est pas un outfit!

I had a strange shopping trip today. Let's first say that I don't really shop for clothes for myself that much. Last month's trip to the States was a rarity (as in, the last time I did that was in the eighties!). I bought a few things there, but didn't get a lot of the things on my list. Some things are just hard to find! Like a nice brown belt, for instance. Or a pair of shoes I don't hate (and that are practical for my life).

Today I hit the mall to get a swim suit for our upcoming trip. I have a black bikini which is still in decent shape, but you know you need two on vacation - who wants to put on the suit that's still wet from the last swim?

So I picked up a sweet deal at the La Vie En Rose outlet. They have about a zillion bikinis there, many of them in the last few sizes (mostly L or XL) and many that are only bottoms (why so many bottoms that don't have tops, I wonder?). But I scored. A bikini that fits and is cute for only $15!

Then... I went to Bikini Village. I know, it's seriously overpriced, and I already had accomplished my mission... but... you know. They have those darned 'tanning mirrors' where you already look like you've been beaching it for a week.

And I found another one I loved.

For $45.

Per piece.

And... I bought it. I figure I'm averaging down. And, maybe this is the last year for a while that I'll be able to wear a bikini with some measure of confidence, so what the heck.

I also found some good snow shovelling boots at Sterling... North Face ones that are down-filled and so feel like I'm wearing fluffy pillows on my feet.

So my random purchases... bikinis and snow boots... I wonder what my husband will say!

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  1. Sounds like some great purchases. I wouldn't mind some fluffy pillows for my feet LOL.


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