Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eden Fantasys Review – Part 2

***adult content below!***

Be aware, this is meant for adult eyes and it’s a little, er… racy! I’m just going to go ahead and give an honest and open review of an adult toy so if you aren’t interested in that, time to move on. (My giveaways post will happen today as well, just check back for it.)

As you may recall, recently my husband and I had the opportunity to review a product from Eden Fantasys! After some deliberation, we picked the Tantus C-ring. (You can read more about our first impressions of Eden Fantasys and the product in my Eden Fantasys Review – Part 1). . The Tantus C-ring is a silicone ring with a little pocket for an included battery-operated vibe. The ring itself is fairly thick and has a 2” diameter. The vibe is a small cordless silver bullet with an on/off button on one side.

Here’s where it gets a little graphic (only indirectly!). As you may recall from my previous article, we were surprised to discover the Tantus c-ring is not exactly, exclusively, a c-ring. It’s more a c-&-b-ring; the whole package is meant to go through the ring, one bit at a time. There are illustrated instructions on the back of the packaging, they’re very clear which is great. You use a bit of water-based lube around the inside and (theoretically) just insert one bit at a time, in a certain order. Where we got hung up is that the ring is only 2” in diameter. Yes, the silicone is stretchy – somewhat – and I guess that size and amount of stretch could work for some guys. But my guy, I’m not going to waffle here, is just not going to fit all his bits, no matter what order they’re in, through that size of ring. To his credit, he did make a valiant (and, I understand, somewhat painful - eeks!) effort to make it work.

Eventually we simply gave up on making that happen. We did try out the little cordless vibe on its own, it is definitely powerful, but it was quite loud! I would not use this vibe in any instance where we didn’t have complete privacy!

I think the novelty of it was fun but for us this sex toy simply didn’t work out. It did give us some ideas of what we maybe should have chosen instead so that is definitely a positive aspect. I’m going to reiterate here, we are about as normal, everyday people as you can get. We are pretty straightforward and down-to-earth!

This experience was a fun one for us that took us out of our routine. I would not hesitate to recommend that any couple make the effort to change things up a little and try something new! And for lots of variety, easy, woman-friendly (that’s important!) shopping for adult needs I would certainly recommend Eden Fantasys. They have way more than sex toys – videos and books, lingerie, even candles and massage oils, games - check it out!

the pros:
  • Eden Fantasys was really great to work with. The shipping was discreet, the order process on the website is easy, and there are loads of pictures, reviews and customer ratings to help you make your choices. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them in the future!
  • The Tantus C-ring is a good-quality silicone toy – meaning sanitary, durable and retains warmth. It’s not scary, creepy or cute looking (the dolphins/bunnies/Hello Kitty(?!) toys just don’t seem like they have their target age group right, if you ask me); it just looks like a straightforward adult toy.
  • The packaging for the toy itself is fairly plain looking – this is a pro to me because it doesn’t have any of the skanky-looking adult ‘stars’ or models on it.
  • The watch battery can be changed out and there is no cord
The cons:
  • The Tantus c-ring is a little pricey at $39.99 USD, but in my experience you get what you pay for in most things.
  • Batteries seem so yesterday – I wish the vibe were rechargeable instead.
  • The vibe is quite loud.
Our main issue was that you really need to think carefully about the sizing. It didn’t work for us but who knows, it may be just the perfect thing for you.
Unscented light-weight silicone lubricant
We also tried the Kama Sutra Pleasure Potion, also in quite classy packaging. This is a silicone-based product, so not for use with toys (though it’s ok with condoms). Again it’s more of a high-end product and priced as such at $18.99. However a little of this liquid goes a long way, and it maintains the ‘slippery’ feel for quite a while. We liked the flip-top and the consistency. It’s unscented and truly has no smell to it at all. I definitely recommend this if you don’t mind the price – you are paying for quality.

Please know, this was not a paid review. Eden Fantasys did send me the product to review but I assure you, my comments and opinions are my own and honest! ☺

I would love to hear anyone else’s experiences with trying new things in the bedroom, or if you found my review interesting, funny, too much information or whatever, let me know!

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  1. Nothing new in the bedroom (you know we have a nine month old!) but great review. :-)


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