Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog love!

I am honoured to have received a blog award from Icefairy over at Icefairy's Treasure Chest! She maintains a favourite blog of mine so it's no wonder she received this award to pass on. For the award I need to make a couple of lists...

7 things I love:
  1. the internet
  2. my husband... who I actually met on the internet!
  3. my great community of friends, both in real life and in the blogosphere
  4. our house, which we moved into about a year and a half ago... it's a work in progress!
  5. great food - cooking it and eating it!
  6. being self-employed
  7. days of small surprises and comforts - like seeing the garden I planted starting to sprout, my morning cup of tea, the sweet phone calls from hubby at work.
7 bloggers I love
  1. A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts
  2. Capital Mom
  3. Momma in Flip Flops2
  4. My Organized Chaos
  5. Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy
  6. Seven Dogs and a Baby
  7. Really, Are You Serious?
Only seven, that was a tough choice. Thank you to all of you - and all the other great blogs I follow - for sharing your stories!


  1. Thanks, Emily - so nice to know someone is enjoying my blog, lol. :-)

  2. I think your 7 things i love list is wonderful! i too love the internet and all the bloggy friends i made (including you!) thanks so much for passing on the love to me :) it sure made my day. have a great week

  3. Thank you so much!!!!
    That is so nice of you!
    I think your number 7 is the best ever, isn't it just the truth?? As I hear the kids fighting and screaming, I think back to my peaceful morning coffee....{{sigh}}

  4. Muchos thanks:)

    I appreciate it.


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