Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playtex Diaper Genie™ Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser - Review!

If you've ever been out with a baby, you know the joys of changing diapers on the go. There's no doubt that the first thing you want to do is find a place to get rid of that diaper! I've changed diapers in all sorts of places - the back seat of the car has been a frequent one, with all our road trips - and it's a big pain when you've got an icky diaper and nowhere to put it.

Playtex has come out with a new product in the Diaper Genie line: the Diaper Genie™ Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser. It's a little doohickey on a clip that holds 25 bags for those diapers. Clip it on to the stroller, stash it in the diaper bag or car, and you can save yourself the "Ugh, what do I do with this???" moment!

The opaque bags keep diapers sealed and discreet until you can get them home to wash them (cloth) or dispose of them (disposables). The bags are also lavender scented, to help minimize the ick factor (thank you!).  My husband always complains about the smell of diapers so a fresher scent is appreciated. And any mum who has been in a nursing room at a mall knows the nasty smell of the garbage in those rooms! Imagine if those stinky diapers were contained in lavender-scented bags instead. It would be a MUCH more pleasant experience.

We got to try out the portable Diaper Genie, and I like it. I find it adds a little more weight to the diaper bag, so I just keep it in the car for changes on the road, and pop it in the stroller when we take the stroller. It is simple to use and very convenient.

I think it fits right in with the Playtex and Diaper Genie brands - simple, smart solutions that make baby care easier. I do wish it had a childproof feature to it, as the cute package and bright green clip are very appealing to my daughter. She really, really wants to play with it, but of course as it contains plastic bags, it's off limits. I worry that my clever girl will find a way to get at it (she is oh, so determined once she sets her mind to something).

The only other thing I would like to see is compostable bags. I feel hypocritical using disposable, non-biodegradable plastic bags for cloth diapers; I usually use a small washable wetbag. It is super convenient for traveling though, and we do use disposables when we are on the road or away from home for long days. Sometimes you just don't have the laundry option and this is a nice thing to have for those times.

The portable Diaper Genie retails for $4.99 and I think it would be a good addition to a baby shower gift or for any mum on the go. You can read more about it at or

Disclosure: Playtex sent me the Diaper Genie™ Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser to try out. This is my honest opinion, and I was not paid for this review.

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