Friday, November 4, 2011

Night waking

Okay, last night Mia woke NINE TIMES. Five times - every hour for the first five hours. Then every two hours. And, she wanted to nurse every time. What is up with that? She's nearly nine months old now. Tonight, she went down at 8:30 (bedtime is 8, she wouldn't or couldn't go down for 8), and 9:30 rolls around and she wakes, crying for me... I went in, tried to get her back to sleep in her crib without picking her up, she'd fall asleep and then wake repeatedly. After 15 minutes of this I checked her diaper... soaked! So she had a good reason. BUT - I got her back to sleep quickly after a diaper change, and 5 minutes after being in her crib she's up, crying again! WHAAAT?!! These are long nights.


  1. Oh yikes that sounds like a nightmare night. I hope this is a one time occurrence. growth spurt??

  2. Oh wow..... that sounds like a nightmare. Harlow wakes frequently still I think some of it has to do with wanting us as their comfort blankie..... But I am too chicken to let Harlow cry it out. Hope you find a solution quick for your own sanity, when you find this miracle solution pass it onto me!! :) good luck!!

  3. Well, never any time to blog, read or comment these days.
    Isaac is 5 months old and not sleeping. Hardly at all during the day and not much more at night. He nurses constantly! He is SO different than my other two.
    Tonight while I am nursing for the 11 millionth time {or so it will seem}, I'll think of you :)

    {Yep, no advice here though some would count me a seasoned mother after having three LOL}


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