Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jolly jumper (your thoughts?)

I just picked up a Jolly Jumper on a stand for Mia. It was only $20 secondhand! She's having the BEST NAP EVER right now (an hour and 40 minutes so far!), so I've assembled it and am waiting for her to wake up. It is so big - my husband told me it was, but now that it's in our house I really get it. The footprint is about 4x4'! I hope she likes it.

My aunt gave me an aghast look when I mentioned I was thinking of getting one. She said it places a lot of pressure on the groin area. The baby carriers I have (the Boba, the Deuter Kid Comfort III, and the Sleepy Wrap - love them all for different reasons), I chose specifically because Mia's weight goes on her bum, not on her groin like certain carriers do. And when I look at the Jolly Jumper, I can see what she means.

At the same time, Mia's getting tired of the exersaucer that we borrowed from a friend (yay for borrowing baby gear - we can give that sucker back and don't have to store it or try to sell it), and I need somewhere I can put her while I do stuff.

Her most favourite thing these days is to walk holding on to my two fingers, and sometimes I need my hands! This morning she was crying at all times unless she had those fingers and was on her feet. I can't get anything done at all that way!

I don't plan on sticking her in there for hours on end, of course!

What are your thoughts on the Jolly Jumper?


  1. My daughter loved the jolly jumper! I put her in it at least once a day for maybe 20 minutes and she'd go crazy jumping and spinning. I also had a jumperoo but it was harder for her to jump in it because her hands had to be in the air. Now she's 3 and no problems with her back. You need a few minutes to do other things!

  2. The jolly jumper is a great idea. We have the one that attaches to the door frame, so it obviously takes up less room. Harlow now hates anything that keeps her 'contained' so no jolly jumpers and no excersaucers for Miss Diva!

  3. I also had the jolly jumper that attaches to the door frame for my son and while he wasn't too crazy about it, it kept him busy and active for a few minutes here and there. :) I didn't have any issues or concerns with it. I think it's a neat invention.

  4. I'm assuming the Jenny Jump Up we had is the American version of a Jolly Jumper? If so, Madelyn LOVED it! She went in there daily starting around 4 months as she had amazing head control and just played happily while I showered. That was our routine. Now be ware, she did start walking at 8.5 months so not sure if that had anything to do with it...

  5. My boys were both hard core jolly jumpers but didn't really enjoy it past about 8 months. I think it's safe for your daughter because you won't be using it often and because she will outgrow it so fast that it won't do damage! Plus, there is NOTHING funnier than a baby in a jolly jumper - NOTHING!!

  6. We have several of the same carriers - for the same reasons. I share your thoughts but we had a jumper on a stand for both of our little ones and will use it for Isaac as well. They LOVED it and I loved the delight they had about jumping. I also loved the fact that it gave me a chance to get things done. If Mia is in it for 12 hours a day, maybe you should be concerned but having her in it for a little while each day - I'm sure she'll be fine and lots of the time she'll be in mid-air or on her feet, it's not like she'll just dangle there all day!
    Have fun!


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