Thursday, November 3, 2011

Neglect and progress

My poor blog is sorely neglected these days! I keep thinking up posts and then not having the time to write.

Mia's new hobby is to get on her feet and run - but she needs my two fingers to hold her up, as she can't stand, walk or run on her own yet! She absolutely squeals with delight when she is on the move! I should really get a video of this stage as it's very cute :)

Other than that, I've been trying to work a little - I'm getting about 9 hours a week in the studio and would need about 10 times that to keep up with the demand for my work at the moment. Good and bad!

And, reading a great book (Neal Stephenson's Reamde: A Novel )... mainly while nursing. Mia's still not that interested in real food, so we're still nursing a LOT! And, she's been up 5-8 times a night lately for comfort/diaper changes/nursing, so we're both rather tired and I'll admit, a little cranky these days! Last night for the first time in WEEKS she only woke twice - I'm hoping it's a new era. That said, she's cut 6 teeth already and with the time changes, and my husband being away for a week last week, and learning all these new skills... it's no wonder she's up at night.

Anyway... I have a few minutes while she's napping now (phew!!! many days she simply declines to nap!) so I'm going to take a well-deserved BREAK!
...ah, noooo! she just woke up!

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  1. That's a whole lot of being I though Harlow was bad.... good luck. Hope she starts to sleep better for you soon x


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