Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still loving Swagbucks

FYI - just got another Starbucks card in the mail from Swagbucks. It's a site where you 'earn' Swagbucks randomly for using their search engine (very similar to Google) and can redeem them for good things like gift cards, DVDs and other swag. You can even opt to trade them in for cash in your PayPal account.

Personally, I like the Starbucks cards. I'm absolutely hooked on the Decaf Espresso Roast whole beans in Bold, which I grind at home and use in my expresso machine every morning. At $16 a bag it's a little gaspy, but I keep getting these Starbucks cards and that makes life a little sweeter.

This makes about ummm... $20 in Starbucks cards, and $40 in Amazon gift certificates that I've cashed in for so far. And yes, definitely good for Canada (and the US, for my American friends).

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, I'm not sure what's keeping you. It's the kind of thing you don't even have to think about - until you discover you have enough to cash in for something nice. Plus it's kinda fun (particularly for a contest junkie like me) to get that random reward for something I do anyway. Pavlov's Emily.

If you do decide to try it (did I mention it's free and easy?), I'd love it if you sign up under my referral link. Thanks & enjoy!


  1. Hello! I'm following your blog now! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaways! Have a great night!!

  2. Hey Emily - I signed up a while ago, using your referral number (I hope!). I'm glad to know I'm putting some pennies in your jar. ;-)

    Do you know if it's a pyramid sort of thing? Like if I get people referred under me, do you get their points too? That might get a little crazy...

  3. Hi Evelyn!
    Hey, thanks for that! Yes, I see your name under my referrals. There is a limit of 100 swagbucks per referred person that the referrer can earn. I think it’s 1:1, so if you earn 26 I earn 26, but only up to 100. And no, it’s not a pyramid thing, any of your referrees will earn you swagbucks (up to 100), but not me.

    I don’t really have that many referrals; I don’t push it as much as some people do. I have found that I can ‘earn’ a steady 3-10 a day just by doing the regular searches I would normally use google for. I found that downloading the toolbar for my browser helped me remember to use it, because it has a search field right there. Also you get codes once in a while on the toolbar. I don’t really do the Twitter Trivia or swag code hunts, but there are sites like (which is apparently run by teenagers) that sometimes will post a code, if you really want those few extra swagbucks.

    I hope you like it. I think it’s great – I love getting gift cards in the mail once in a while, and I use the codes towards birthday & Christmas gifts. It’s not a huge earner or anything but it’s virtually no effort for some reward. The best thing is when they have ‘sales’ in the reward section. I was getting $10 Starbucks cards for I think it was 45 Swagbucks at one point. Hm, that sounds a little low, maybe it was 70 Swagbucks. Either way, that’s maybe 2-3 weeks at most of just using it whenever I want to search something online.

    Have fun!
    - Emily

  4. I love Swagbucks as well. I haven't redeemed any of my points yet though.


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