Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little things

These baby slippers from my Etsy shop were featured today on Through Green Colored Glasses. Thanks, Paula! I used eco-felt for these and a vintage ribbon from my grandmother's stash.

Despite being less than impressed with the opening ceremonies, I have to admit I've been watching more of the Olympics this year than I have since 1984. I'm so proud of our medalists. I can't stand the CTV coverage, though (I'm sad that CBC isn't doing it this year).

I have a couple giveaways, at least, for you today. I'll probably post some more in a bit. Twitter has kind of taken over my life a little (I blame you, Capital Mom ;) ). If you follow me there, you'll know what I mean. It's just so... sharey.

For the ladies:
For baby:
For anyone:
OH, and don't forget to enter my little giveaway for those butterfly decals!

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